Why. Why do this? Research report: Adaptive Alloys

Why? Why do this? Why???

For those of us who aren’t into the self flagellation that is m+ or raid or the dumpster fire that is ranked pvp, why do this to us? Rank 5 (not even rank 6) for measly 226 gear (normal SoD ilvl) is already gated behind ridiculous amounts of “catalogued research” (4250 CR to upgrade one piece to 226 by itself. Now multiply that by 14 slots excluding your lego = 59,500 CR needed) to actually upgrade it to that point. You only get about 1200? CR per day assuming you do basically everything in Korthia each time, including the stuff half the playerbase isn’t even aware like Zovals vault, rift chests and rares. So that’s about 50 days of play at least.

Not satisfied with doing this to your playerbase, it even costs 4k CR itself and is gated behind renown 61??? A renown level we won’t get for another 5 weeks (assuming 3 per week but some say we only get 2) at least.

:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Honorable mention goes to the RNG of the account bound Korthian Armaments. What? The self deterministic nature of the Nazjatar gear was too much power given to the playerbase for you Blizz? SMH.


But if you don’t do M+, Rated PvP or Raiding, then why exactly would you need heroic ilvl gear? And why do you think you should get it in an easier way than actual Heroic gear?


All players want to progress their gear. The fake and condescending argument that such players “don’t need it therefore it doesn’t matter to you” is a well debunked farce of an argument. Last time I checked, higher ilvl = a more powerful character = more enjoyment for the player. It’s not a hard equation. Also there is no evidence to support it being “easier”. Easier or harder is in the eye of the beholder and is subjective by definition. One might say getting the archeology mount is easy. Good luck with that.

226 gear is normal SoD. Not heroic. Heroic is 239. I don’t think Korthai gear even goes up that high even at rank 6.


I don’t understand why the 226 AND the 233 Catalogued Research upgrades are both Tier 6 reputation. Shouldn’t 226 be Tier 5?

I submitted an in-game bug about that, but maybe if there’s a forum outcry things might get changed (ala Torghast 9.0 changes being reverted in a few days after the forums went berserk with many topics and thousands of replies all on the same subject).


Well, I’m sorry y’all. Back during the mega thread of casual vs elites, I kept saying we need WQ and whatnot gear progression outside raids, etc.

At least the option is there now. Albeit behind a mega grind

And you get to. But you’re going to get it at a pace slower than group content.


If I could love your post a million times, I would. This is what so many other people have said already. I refuse to raid or do dungeons, I’m not entitled to elite gears just because I also pay $15/m.

Some people will mention time-gating whatever. Doesn’t matter. If one chooses to be a casual, they will have to earn high end stuff the hard way. More often times it is much worse effort than the other way around.

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The Elite and Rare monsters in Korthia hit hard and are quite deadly.


Yes. That’s why they’re Elites and Rares. They’re not supposed to be easy.

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Theres also a million players running around to swarm them so it works out pretty well.

Hell, biggest issue is getting to the mob with 930k health before he get’s completely wrecked.

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I have no issue with that. However I do have issue with the scale and amount of gating. Think of it as a dial. Right now it’s dialed to 11. Maybe be a bit more reasonable??? Dialing it back a few notches might help for what is normal SoD gear.

You say that now. Wait to see what happens in a month or 2 when we can start getting said 226 gear. The same damn thing that happened to covenant zone rares. Good luck trying to take down Famu et al now. Oh what’s that? You were stupid enough to not roll a class that has a tank spec or pet so you could solo it for 10min? Tough luck kiddo. Better luck next time. SMH.

And people wonder why there’s so many leaving this game nowadays.


They hate casuals and want them to quit.


Okay. And if you want high ilvl gear, either progress your character at a slower rate to reflect the extreme ease of the content you’re doing or start doing more difficult group content.


I suspect by the time that’s a problem you’re probably going to be looking at 9.2.

Besides which, what is keeping you from either forming a group with your guild or the groupfinder tab?

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Also my guild is dead. And even though my server is classed as full, it seems to be 99% dead guilds and 1% spamming m+ like it’s 1999. :crazy_face:


So you aren’t going to use the tools you have provided to you (either doing stuff with your guild or using the LFG custom option) to solve the self imposed problem you placed yourself in.

What exactly is the point of this thread?


:thinking: Some might say that endless grinding research is harder than burning bosses down in a raid. Especially since there are over 1800 guilds that have cleared heroic and we are 2 1/2 weeks in.

Besides, what’s it to you anyway? What he does or wants has zero impact on you or the route you have chosen to gear up your toon. Maybe he just likes to collect high level gear, or maybe he plans to raid in the future. Or perhaps he just wants to feel powerful when he goes out into the open world.


Responding to people who don’t seem to read or understand anything i’ve said, apparently.


There’s honestly no reason to play right now.

Come back in 2 months and do everything this patch has left in 2 weeks.


But there is no longer a cap on catalogued research so you have until the renown level is unlocked to farm all the research you need.

And you just fill the slots that arent at least normal raid geared.