Why was I invited to the stress test?

Your schedule is when I’ve statistically never logged into the game (because I’m at work), so what was the point of sending me an invite?

This is the most frustrating part for me. I can attend almost any time the want to use.


I was in the stress test but I was never able to login. I kept trying to do it over and over for a hour and a half. So it wasn’t like you missed much. I really did hate i didn’t get to experience the spawned bosses first hand though. Hopefully all my failed attempts to login provided them with useful data that they needed. :slight_smile:

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I know right same way for me and I didn’t get in

Computer system sent the invites - doesn’t seem schedule was a part of the selection criteria.


Unless you worked for 26 hours straight, that’s how long the server was up.


Wednesday May 22nd, 4 - 6 pm PDT. You’re going to have to explain to me how 4-6 is equal to 26 hours.

Besides, I occasionally checked outside of that time just in case and the server was never online.

That was the STRESS portion, all of us were on well through the next day, myself included. Here’s to hoping more of us get into beta.

Sadly, I spent the whole night trying to get in and after 4 and a half hours I gave up to go to bed and work a. Twelve hours shift the next day. Yaaaay, adulting.

i think you’ll find they over invite for their actual needs anyway… although it doesn’t seem that way to anyone who misses out.

They left it up for 23 hours after the test just so we could play.

Seams like you didn’t read the who post.

The server was suffering from server traffic around 4:00-9:00 PDT if you logged in around this window odds were you were to struggle to get into the server. After around 9:00 PDT the server was starting to stabilize and just about everyone was able to get in. If you didn’t get to try the stress test server out, you have no one to blame but yourself.