Why Vulpera make sense as a Neutral race


There has been great debate between Cyborg gnomes/Ocean Goblins/Desert Racoons. This is to resolve the conflict, and show that we were all right, sort of.

Before the launch of BFA, we were able to unlock 4 allied races, 2 for each faction.

Unofficially, there seemed to be three pricinples, guiding allied race speculation:

  1. relevant to both the core races, and the story
  2. built upon existing in skeletons
  3. new race has an ambassador in each city’s given embassy

Recent Data minerals, add to the idea of Vulpera. Yet, they exist alone, with no race pairing. Some may suggest that this is simply due to the Alliance equivalent not being released at this time. However I would surmise otherwise.

Many have pointed to Blizzard regretting the Pandaren being neutral races, however, what was actually being lamented was the implementation, not the fact that both actions have access to the pandas.

And while on the topic of Panda’s, they have been relatively quiet this expansion. Being neutral and furry themselves, they would be natural ambassadors to the vulpera, for their respective faction.

While many point to vulpera existing only in vol dun. A cursory glance Vulpera lore reveals that they are a nomadic people, with no central form of rule. Each band is free to wander as they please. It would not be hard to imagine one of these cartels finding themselves in common interest with the Alliance, however shoehorned the story may be.

Further to the point, Vulpera are popular across faction lines, and giving one side a new race, while giving the other a reskinned core race would not be in any way fair. It would also give each faction access to another brand of short race.

By making vulpera neutral, the junker gnome and gil goblin pairing still holds true. Meaning, that all 3 will be added as allied races for the expansion to come, with Vulpera/Junker gnome for the alliance and Vulpera/Gil goblin for the horde.

(Nillah) #2

But we all know it’s going to happen anyway.


Vulpines are teh hotness.


Vulpines are teh hotness.

Flips on chainsaw Mwhahahaha

(Sincubus) #5


They aren’t the worst option for a Neutral race. At the moment, the story doesn’t really support them being Neutral, is the only problem. It could change. We’ll have to wait and see.

(Grayphus) #7

But Nisha hates the Alliance after attacking the caravans of the vulperas!
And Kiro declares, after the coronation of Talanje, that he will do his best to help the Zanadalers!
There is no way for the vulperas to join the Alliance now! I’m sorry! Vulperas will be, if available to the players, a race linked to Horde!

And they could be from Horde! I believe that you should look with more affection, junkgnomes, which were made to be, according to the most cruel, the race that will correspond to the vulperas for Horde!


I don’t think they make sense on Alliance. Although Pandaren didn’t really make sense being on Alliance either with the way we were presented on the turtle either lol. :flushed: Yikes!


No Gil goblins please. Such an unneeded and unplayable race

(Tovi) #10

Ugh. I hope they never do a neutral race again.


The alliance attacked and tried to massacre the Vulpera. Why would they ever want to join the Alliance.

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That song made me sad :<

(Droité) #13

Hey, another thread of people proving how little they give a crap about the Vulpera story or lore; and prove that … yeah, they really just want to “Catch-em All”.

By all indications if the little fox people aren’t in the best place with the Alliance, and unless Blizz is going to magic another “convenient” Vulpera group for the Alliance … it seems really unlikely to happen. Especially with just how awful a situation the Pandarens are really in due to being a “Neutral” PC race … where for all respects they don’t even really exist in the story (because its super hard to justify why they would be murdering eachother). And even if Blizz did … the Alliance wont be getting Kiro, they wont get Mira, they wont get Nisha.

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-stares at kul tirans with their new models, their new animations, their new rigging, and new everything-

Vulpera are reskinned goblins with a couple custom animations.

(Droité) #15

Oh, lets be fair now. They didn’t set THEM on fire (the PCs merely had the options to slaughter them if they chose, they didn’t have to). They just burned their homes and livelyhood to ashes in an immensely unforgiving terrain.


Look at the pygmies/grummel. the kul tiran are expanded forms of these skeletons.

There is so little written about the story and lore of Vulpera, that it can go anywhere.

(Vicktoria) #17

No cute foxes for alliance scum

(Grayphus) #18


For me, kultirans are just an improved model of


Looks convincing,
I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘belly’ races stem from a single original skeleton.

My point more that I do not believe that the kul tiran models are not as ‘new’ as Blizzard would like us to believe.

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All they cared about was there loot. Alliance burbed it. Probably killed some pups hiding in those carts. I swear to murder alliance in the name of vulpera…whenever I feel like turning warmode on.