Why this game lacks tanks /rant

Everytime I try to tank content, DPS feel the need to pull stuff for me. Doesn’t matter what it is. I did a few low M+, same issue.

I hate trying to taunt adds back to me etc who ran after the range DPS.

Also I pull what I feel I can handle, so when DPS or heals pull more that I feel like I am going to die and need to pop my CDs often etc just to stay alive, I don’t enjoy that.

It’s even worse on my warrior which has a harder time to pick up a mob of trash since they don’t have an AOE to lay out like Death & Decay. And longer timer on thunderclap etc.

Can I just say I tanked a lot more when tanking / having aggro etc was easier. Getting stuff pulled off me also because the DPS is much higher ilvl then I isn’t fun either.

So thus, I just don’t play tanks often because it isn’t fun. And it’s even less fun when tanks are pressured to do X DPS as a tank instead of focusing on CD management, heals, and just surviving.


Likewise. I can’t help having respect for those tanks who do cope with all the vitriol and are still willing to do the job.
It must be utterly thankless sometimes. :frowning:


bigger issue is finding healers buddy, Tanks are everywhere these days what with DK being at the pinnacle slightly followed by the much easier and more fun to play Brewmaster, Then followed by the Prot paladin with still silly damage, and Prot paladins and Guardian Druids are still just as wanted as every for pvp, even more so now with them both still being busted for certain activities.


Do keys with me I hit what the tank hits cause I can’t see good. I hit what the tank pulls and I stay semi close just incase I aggro something I can run it to them lol I am horde though.


Tanking is an awful role. There are tanks that are afraid to pull anything and there Re tanks that will just ride their mount through half of the dungeon without getting aggro on anything. A good solid tank is a pipedream.

Because the players treat the tanks like :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:.

Accidentally pull one extra mob–kick.
Accidentally go down a wrong hall–kick.

Tell players you’re new–kick.

Say “hi,”–kick.

Don’t go Mach 10 and pull wall to wall, even though you’re learning–kick.

Not in double legendaries in your Stockades group–kick.

The player base is so entitled and toxic that nobody wants to create tanks to run content any longer.

Completely NOT a Blizzard problem.

It’s a player problem.

Until Blizzard actually starts permanently banning these accounts which treat others so horribly for simply playing a video game…nothing will ever improve.



I wouldn’t say ban them outright…… however a 24/hr chat ban would be nice.

Also they should hire more gm’s because this automated system is kinda garbage. 4 day ques for response is BS.

Except for legion tank threat really hasn’t been easier.

But I get your general point.

This week? If you’re in a group with people who are overgeared for 2s, they’re probably valor farming and expecting you to pull 20+ mobs at a time.

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Its funny, i’ve tanked around 6 or so dgs just this last week between my warrior and monk and the only time someone else pulled for me was a +2 where a mythic raid geared rogue was farming valor and frankly, was tankier than my 226 monk and didn’t care that much so long as i picked up aggro at some point. Heck, i ended up going 6% under on necrotic wake and everyone was like: yeah its cool bruh. we get it. Seriously where is all this tank toxicity coming from because i’m not seeing it in m+ which is apparently super tryhard mode.


Wait for 3 Sunders before attacking, please!

You can always DPS for me.

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I think this perfectly sums up the problem


The crucial thing to remember is that in dungeons and raids, the mobs and bosses aren’t your enemy. The other players are. The game is designed intentionally in this way, because infuriating content is more engaging than reasonable, cooperative content.

That’s why I only do Heroic dungeons to get callings and Oribos weekly quests done, and I ignore group dungeons/raids beyond that.

Your rage and frustration, and the glee the DPS/heals feel when they run the dungeon for you, is the point. And the comments I’m sure you’ll get about “git gud” and “that never happens to me” and “cry moar” are also the point.

This pointlessly frustrating content makes Blizzard money. So they keep it that way.

You get to decide whether you want to help them make money, or if you just want to do open world content and get off their broken merry-go-round.

As someone who tank way more than they wanna, the thing that annoy me is DPS who have no situational awareness. Not moving up, not helping with kicks, jumping on mobs that are obviously being kited, just people who are chronically out of position.

Yeah and you’re probably wasting a lot of time pulling like a punk. I understand DPS losing their patience with you. You’re disrupting cooldown usage.

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I’d tank leveling dungeons if I got a ton of experience/gold for doing so.

Gun to my head I’ll never tank pug keys solo, though.

People say this but it’s actually the low demand role if you have a guild. That and it’s boring to play. Those are the real reasons

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I thought the lack of tanks was due to community treating them like they’re public enemy #1 and lynching them if they so much as breathed?

When you get out of baby keys, DPS don’t pull for you.