Why they shouldn't do TBC

Overall, I think it’s fair to say Classic has been a request since the day Vanilla ceased to be - albeit in small circles. I know I used to post here on the forums, asking about legacy servers. I was laughed at and told ‘no’, made fun of, and my threads were deleted by moderators. Such was the case for many people asking for what would come to be known as WoW Classic.

I couldn’t really play Classic at launch. I had other life obligations and I couldn’t devote the time, but I rested easy knowing (or thinking I knew) that Classic was a time capsule and wouldn’t be updated anytime soon in a game-changing way. Whether I was wrong or right is irrelevant, because now people are asking for TBC. A lot. Enough for Blizzard to notice, I reckon. But I don’t think we should get TBC, and there are a few reasons why.

It’s not just flying, or Blood Elves or the fact that Alliance can be Shaman and Horde can be Paladins. It would split Classic’s player base as a huge chunk of players would move to TBC. That is, even assuming Blizzard left Vanilla servers up.

They could force all servers to move to TBC. It comes down to the fact that it isn’t our decision, but if you all keep pestering Blizz about TBC servers there’s a very real possibility they’d pull it off in the lamest way possible.

Where would updates end, even? Wrath? Cata? Please, just let Classic stay Classic.


Then stay on the classic server and let people who want TBC move to TBC server.


So just to make sure I understand you, your argument is don’t release TBC, even if there are still classic servers, because people might want to play it and not classic?


They are coming. It is fact. They surveyed a bunch of people about different ways of introducing TBC. They aren’t going to bother doing that if they didn’t already decide that TBC was going to happen.

Accept it.


Classic WoW is here to stay, TBC is just going to become another option.


I’m not sure it’s fair that people who might be interested in other legacy servers can’t have them, just because it might make classic less popular.

If anything, I think a lot of the groans and growing pains of classic shows that a significant portion of the community does want a legacy alternative that isn’t classic.

I’m not sure why it needs to end at classic. If a significant portion of the playerbase wants a return to Wrath, why shouldn’t Blizzard allow it? Or Cata? Who are you to say it’s all fair and good that you got what you want, but other portions of the community can’t have the same?


Classic TBC would split the playerbase by a huge amount. Do you know why? Because TBC is amazing and there are quite a substantial amount of classic players who came here for a potential TBC. It’s inevitable. The players who prefer classic vanilla can stay there for as long as they wish. It’s not going anywhere.


No, my point is that we need a more comprehensive road map of what ‘Classic’ is going to look like beyond Naxx. I know we’ll hear more soon (likely around when BlizzCon is supposed to be) but also I want to address some other points made in this thread.

I don’t know if anyone knows for sure if Blizz is going to keep old Classic servers intact after a TBC launch. I don’t want to stop anyone from playing TBC, even though I’m not a huge fan of that expansion - I just think Blizzard aught to do a sort of Classic+ experience if we do get TBC so that Classic doesn’t die.

Maybe I didn’t communicate quite so well, but that’s more my point than anything.

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Sad part is, the majority of my fond memories came from TBC, even though I started back in beta. For some reason, I was attributing many things in the game to the classic launch, when it fact it was TBC content.

After a bunch of expansions, a lot of time, a bunch of beer, and whole boatloads of stress, all that stuff kind of melts together.

Bring on TBC, I’m ready for my Shammy to no longer be a meme spec, and be a real DPS machine.


people are still gonna play the classic server just like how they did private servers


I like how the die hard everquest pre-1990 born gamers think WoW died as soon as the first expansion hit, but a good majority of us here playing classic started long after vanilla, between the start of TBC and WOTLK. You know most of us are only playing classic because it’s closer to those times in WoW than retail is right?

Throwing the rank system in the trash where it belongs, adding in PvP vendors, real vendors that is, adding talents and abilities to make more than 3 specs viable, bringing in jewelcrafting, adding bonuses to professions, cleaning up some quest areas to make them less weird (Suddenly going from green to red quests in the same area being less of a thing, the list goes on.

Even dungeon finder was nice for a lot of people, although that ones more split on opinion than any of the other improvements between vanilla and wotlk. MOST of these things were quite nice. Just because some of you prefer the bare bones first 60 levels of WoW dosnt mean the game was ruined by the next two expansion, many regard them as the golden trilogy, like the original star wars.

And it’s hilarious how you guys begged for vanilla for years and argued with naysayers on forums but now you are doing the same thing the naysayers did to us who want TBC and WOTLK. And your reasoning? ‘‘It will kill my server population’’. Well umm, if that’s true than maybe your version isn’t as loved as you think, otherwise nothing would change once TBC was released. Litterally your line of reasoning behind not releasing TBC is because you say so many people will play it that you can’t get dungeon groups or bg pops. So you want to deny people their favorite version of the game so you can keep playing yours, do you realize how dumb that sounds? If vanilla was so great why would you even be worried about losing too many players to TBC?


Just give a F R E S H classic server

BC is happening whether you or a few other naysayers try to make a fuss out of it. We don’t care if it splits the playerbase. To be clear, it’s very likely more people will leave for BC than stay vanilla. BC is coming and you can’t do anything about it. Vanilla servers will likely merge and queues for pvp will get longer.

Sick of paranoid people coming on here worried there won’t be vanilla servers and they will lose everything to BC. Its obvious they will have servers for vanilla wow. It was a museum peace meant to preserve vanilla. That does not mean we will not get BC servers. You do realize just how many people will vehemently disagree with you on this right? Almost all of them.

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Vanilla is far far worse than both wrath And BC, people only wanted it for nostalgia. No one wants to be stuck on naxx patch for the next 10 years you clown.


Classic isn’t going to die. It’s just not going to grow. Classic is exactly what it’s suppose to be - a recreation of vanilla. If P-servers are anything to go by, there is always going to be a demand for it.


Naw classic is too easy and boring. Looking forward to TBC raids and arena, and I wasn’t even a fan of Wrath but even now I’m looking more into Wrath abilities and arena vids from then.

Classic was fun for Phase1 and 2, but now it’s hard to find things I want to do.
Giv TBC plz


I agree with ya, but tbc isn’t gonna kill classic wow because fury warrior mains gotta flex bruh, and they can’t do that in tbc.

As for classic they will probably get fresh servers that allow people to copy their existing 60 mains over or something because reasons. They will likely condense servers slightly but they’re always gonna be there.

As for TBC, best expansion ever.

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The popularity of the expansions beyond Classic are very likely to mirror their initial releases. If TBC did well initially, then it’s logical to assume it will do well upon re-release.

According to the numbers that were still being released by Blizzard when some expansions failed or succeeded, TBC and WotLK both did very well. Cataclysm was a MAJOR disaster. This is when they stopped releasing their statistics and all we had was first hand evidence to examine. That being said every expansion after and including MoP, has only done marginally well.

The oooohs and aahhhs of the superior product that was WoW, disappeared and were replaced by substandard eye candy. More races, easier gameplay, and simplified tactics, are just to name a few.

Classic players want a game where the rewards are tied to the effort/time expended. It’s the main reason it’s still popular. We have Retail for “easy” mode. If Blizzard hopes to expand on Classic and keep it popular, they’re gonna have to keep the bells and whistles to a minimum and concentrate on delivering a quality product.


I want TBC!


All you need is one Classic server.