Why the lack of Horde recruiting?

Its probably been addressed and I do apologize for the redundancy if that’s the case, but I never see Horde guilds posting. I’d hate to think that the only organized and decent people are playing only alliance. I started out horde and I intend to stay that way just because i’m in love with Sylvannas and the Forsaken. I’m not sure that i’d join a guild at this stage anyway. I’m just curious as to why no H guilds seem to be gathering.

You’re not the pretty faction anymore. Blood Elves.


Recruiting = begging. People come to the horde. The horde don’t need to come to the people.

On a more serious note, you just aren’t looking. Horde guilds are recruiting on this forum all the time.


As someone who has been on the forums like all-day for the past month: I can confirm.

Sweet. I am not on here every day though I love the game and cant freakin wait for launch. Thanks guys. I was just curious.

Personally I think it’s a wonderful thing so many alliance guilds are recruiting (and nearly universally rolling pvp)

Horde queu times might actually be decent by the time BGs roll around, and the less time I’m wasting in Org bored out of my damn mind between queus the better =D

This. Hope there’s a good balance.

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/whistles innocently