Why the lack of Customization?

Yeah, and in those 15 years this is the first time we’re seeing customization waves. This is not an argument that these aesthetics have disappeared, it’s an argument that Blizzard has been too lazy to add new customizations until now. Alleria only looks more accurate and realistic because her model was created recently, and all existing Farstriders have been in the game since TBC, or were lazily given existing armor presets in the game. Recent media has reinforced that they are indeed still present. I haven’t seen any Blood elf in game that looks like Valeera either, but she is very clearly a Blood elf. So where you keep getting off with the idea that these aesthetics have vanished, is a question for a more temperate mind than my own.

Blood elves already have existing braided hairstyles, we have Farstriders, how anyone can rationalize these things as Void elven, despite no actual Void elf in game even utilizing these customizations, and with their entire culture essentially being presented as the Blood elf foil, is beyond me.


Well… not quite. Back when Cataclysm launched new hairstyles were added. Humans got one of the Blood Elf hairstyles, the one Varian Wrynn used, for example. That said, new hairstyles doesn’t really compare to what we see now either.

Farstriders have no affiliation with the alliance though so it makes no sense for void elves to have the appearance of a Farstrider which has allegiance to the horde. Alerria isn’t their leader anymore either so she’s obsolete. There has to be a cut off for the void elves at some point. They left, they’re with the alliance now. It’s time for them to look voidy or idk start stealing stuff from the alliance races now.


I’m not gonna cool my jets while I watch my race be destroyed. You make it seem like I’m the only blood elf player who’s bothered by watching what’s happening, and I’m clearly not. There’s a reason we all feel the way we do just like there’s a reason the helf community did nothing but kick and scream for over a decade.

I’m allowed to be bothered by something.


And void elves are what? Blood elves and high elves. We don’t see blood elves with tats, maybe they don’t use it anymore. If they still use, is fair to presume that void elves still have them too.

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Alleria was before Sylvanas.

Sylvanas took the role because she was the eldest behind Alleria and more experienced than Veressa. Also, because she couldn’t maintain the role anyway due to her service with the Alliance.


WHOA! That’s so cool! I’ve never seen that piece before!

I like the face paint too! omg I’d love to have that too haha!


It’s not about having ‘Farstrider as an organization’ on your side, I literally just said that.

Source please? Don’t know when Alleria stopped being the leader of Void Elves. Regardless, her look is quintessentially ‘the Farstrider look’ and that she’s leading the VE makes it a valid request, how many times have you seen ‘I wanna look like Alleria’ that’s akin to saying ‘I wanna look like a Farstrider’.

Especially when many races can look like their racial leader(s).

Well, Alleria is part of the Alliance so :man_shrugging:


Tbf, I’d honestly, again, as I’ve said before in this thread I think that we should just blame the people who decided to make a poll in some foreign country on where the blood elves would go and then splitting the race in two between Horde and Alliance for creating this problem.

Yeah I wanna assume it was early Draenei concept art since we don’t have anything that reflects this Draenei in the game.

If you haven’t looked up his work, I totally suggest looking at Wei Wangs portfolio, he does so much of Blizzards artwork/concept art <3


He may have a softspot for Orcs :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s the guy that also does that really awesome female Worgen concept art with the massive pony tail.


Lireesa Windrunner was succeeded by her second eldest daughter Sylvanas. Lor’themar was Sylvans second in command. Alerria was a ranger captain at that time.


I mean… a few lodges are Alliance.

I would argue that the organization known as the Farstriders is under the authority of Quel’Thalas and therefor is in support of the Horde. To suggest that former members of this organization disenfranchised from their homeland are not a part of the Alliance is a bit silly. Denying that there are Void Elves who were Farstriders a short time before they were transformed into Void Elves is likewise bordering on the absurd.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a separation if just in name. Farstriders remain a Blood Elven thing, and the High Elves/Void Elves instead identify as Rangers, which was their moniker back during WC2 anyways.


Alerria is not the leader of the Farstriders is what I’m talking about.

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They are elves who’ve undergone a complete cultural reformation that stands against almost all the values they held as Blood elves and High elves. They adopted a complete opposite color contrast for this very reason.

Look at their banner, their ideologies, and the very concept of their origin. Heck listen to their voice lines, Umbric himself openly mocks looking like a high elf, stating that why would anyone want to look like one when they could look like a Void elf. They mock the Sunwell, they’re meant to be the Blood elf’s foil, not their mirror.

And there’s no examples of any Blood elf Farstriders joining the Void elves, as of now they are all former Magisters who’ve been corrupted by the Void.

I’m not telling you to not be bothered, I’m saying have patience. You’re acting as if Blood Elves are never gonna get customization again or something.

If you wanna stay mad and impatient then go ahead.

I’m simply putting it into perspective, that you literally got stuff 9 months ago and they’re giving more now to races that didn’t get anything since 2.5 years ago (aside from VE, who like I said got hand-me downs. LFD/NB are getting completely new stuff which obv takes more time).

Requesting to play a fan favorite race on a faction for over a decade = kicking and screaming. Ok dude. All the while getting harassed and bullied for it, yeah the ‘helf community’ sure had it easy. Not like BE community who had a fan favorite race for over a decade on their fav faction that have had some of the most customization relative to other Core Races for over a decade.


I never said she was, so not sure why that would be brought up. :face_with_monocle:


Maybe I was reading multiple things and got stuff confused. Did I even reply to you with that or was I just commenting in general. Idk there’s a lot going on here right now. I can’t keep up with the 5 different conversations going on.

Lol all good, I think you did include it in one of your replies to me, I was perplexed by it which is why I didn’t include it in my response.

You’re too ingrained in your own race. You cannot see the forest because you’re too busy looking at your own tree. I’m not gonna argue this with you. It’s irrelevant to the topic. But that’s my stance.


That’s sad. But who knows maybe one day nightborne will have their model fixed…one day lol(have to keep telling myself that). I would def like to see new animations for the allied races though. Like LFD, VE, NB, and high mountain share the same animations from their parent model. I would like some new dances lol