Why the lack of Customization?

Oh I know. I get that, I do. It’s just worgen got completely shafted the most out of all the core races when the Shadowlands announcements and customizations hit.


This is… a very weird argument.

Like, are you saying that 8 hair colors really are overshadowing the whole revamp NB and LFD are getting, with all their hairstyles, jewelry, horns and colors?



Yep, supposedly studying the void to protect quel’thalas but then suddenly not.

It’s not that I don’t think that they shouldn’t have the options for it. I just don’t know how well it would look for a vulpera, worgen, or tauren to get like a human hairstyle. I personally think it would look weird on the model and I would rather just have more specific hairstyles for those races. But if people want more human looking hair on their taurens, worgens, vulpera, and pandas go for it :).

I’m saying the response time coupled with the amount of attention and just outright “yes, we’ll do it” the VE fanbase is getting after months upon months of feedback from every other race, not to mention megathreads getting told at Blizzcon we didn’t do enough, is very weird.

Follow what I’m about to say, fair? Read what I’m about to say and stick with it.

Initially, we had been told that the core races were to be focused on during SL beta and such and that we should provide feedback. We did. During such time we were also told that the AR’s would be getting minor touchups, but to not expect much. Separation of face and eye color for example. Fine. Then, void elves are made the exception, and grandfathered options in from their parent race without any warning, and are even given their own forum thread all about it, highlighting it.

Throughout the initial patch, the core races continued over and over to provide feedback. Megathreads were made. Then at Blizzcon, we’re told no more customization is coming, we got what we got, and that was it. And a comment had even been made at one point suggesting we did not provide enough feedback.

Now, an announcement is made about LFD and Nightborne getting attention. Which is good, they both desperately needed it. The VE / HE community went in, and immediately began asking for more stuff. And since then, all we’ve heard about is VE and HE, them getting even record response times repeatedly. Over and over. From the same CM. The LFD / NB, the people who desperately need the help, have gotten no where near enough the response, and further, the VE’s have essentially been made the thumbnails and advertisements for things like WoWhead links and such.

Do you see how this doesn’t sit well and why other players from other races aren’t happy now? There’s a clear level of favoritism going on.


Considering not much has been shown for NB, I can see why NB fans, whose model needs the most work, might be feeling put out to see the race that got a direct copy of the other factions model keeps getting announcements about hair colors.


Didn’t Sylvanas lead the Farstriders first after her mother. I mean if you want to throw around who was a part of the Farstriders I’d say the Blood Elves have much more claim than any void elf. Sylvanas was a general, Lor’themar, even Nathanos was taken under Sylvans wing as a Farstrider. Void elves have Alleria. Blood Elves have those I’ve mentioned and I don’t know, the fact that they are STILL in Eversong and their leader right now is a blood elf, Halduron Brightwing. Kind of makes sense unless they moved Farstrider enclave and retreats to that void place the void elves hang out.


Wasn’t the ripcord just pulled, a maw skip added, etc…?

Thank you! I wish I had a little bit more time to add some details and highlights to the examples but I wanted to get something out sooner than later for what I’m imagining.

I’m obsessed with the idea of having onyx skin and gold hair and gold runes and all that, it would look so good!!!

ESO has something like this.

I think it’s like, wood elves, high elves, britons, nords etc can all share hair styles. While Khajit and Argonians sometimes can but not all of them depending on the race really. I think Argonian’s are the most limited but on the flip side elves and britons and khajit can’t have Argonian horns for example.

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They do though, even the original Farstrider Models were generally depicted in green, and gold armored sets. Of course the amount of detail, and quality back in BC was not nearly up to par as it is now, but the overall themes are still present. Blood elves still have their original braided hairstyles, and even the new male hairstyle had a few braids in it as well, showing us that these “styles” never went out of fashion, Blizzard is just extremely lazy with updating. Just look at Lor’themar’s armor once he finally got his update.

We can clearly see them wearing the same Farstrider armor in Sylvanas’ warbringer’s cinematic, and this is after they officially withdrew from the Alliance. Feathered armor, braids, green and gold trimmed armor - and these events that occurred are not too far off from when we first start playing Blood elves. Realistically this is how we should have seen the Blood elf Farstriders when they originally appeared during TBC, and it’s clearly the appearance Blizzard has in mind for them.

Farstriders were around far before they started dabbling with the Alliance at all, so I don’t think they were influenced by them at all.

They never “lost” this aesthetic, it was just not easy to implement when they originally created them for the game. We see this among the Magisters as well, who’s appearances in official artwork, and novels differs greatly than what we see in-game, this does not mean they lost this aesthetic. They simply did not have the same means to create these visuals in game, as they do now.

Except the Void elves have their very own, unique, visual design - making them look like woodsy Farstriders would muddle this even further when the actual farstriders still exist on the Horde. Not to mention that it wouldn’t exactly reflect the void elves very accurately considering we saw them practically butchering the wildlife in Zuldazar by turning the animals and creatures there into voidcraft abominations.


I mean, I am pretty excited to see how all the NB options will look come the PTR; but we know exactly what the VE ones will be.

Nightborne and LFD are getting a lot of TLC given the previews, and while I am super happy about the VE options, they are nowhere near the same ballpark?


Haven’t they? No Farstriders have been shown with that aesthetic during WoW’s time besides Alleria. That has been 15 years. We are talking warpaints and feathers.

Again, besides that whole point:


Request for our Draenei:

Red hair, one of our OG concept art pieces has suuuuuuuper red and a thicc ponytail. Please consider taking inspiration from this piece and add to both LFD and Draenei <3


What you provided was good :D! You’re talented!


I was so excited when they redid Worgen. I’d been disappointed for so long that my druid options were limited. Worgen are so cool lore wise, but the ones we had for years didn’t sit well with me.

The remake gave me so much hope. Then the announcement of all the new core race customization had me super excited. I thought I would end up maining my druid as a Worgen and never look back.

The one thing that keeps getting me is a lack of a tail as an option. Pandaren can have long or short tails. They even took the time to make sure Vulpera ended up with big fluffy tails instead of the original nubs. (Which I wouldn’t mind if they gave that back as an option for those who might want it.)

Point being, it really hurts that Worgen were really overlooked. Draenei got tail length options, and now LFD are getting the same. There were some cool new fur colors added, but it just feels… empty. Neglected.

You are simply way too in deep with your own race’s customizations you cannot see the forest for the trees.

SL released 9 months ago just about.

Core Races got a lot of customization updates during SL launch, sure some got more than others, some already had a lot more than other to begin with (aka before SL core race customization updates).

Outside of VE (which got hand-me-down skin and new eye colors), no AR got any updates beyond separation of face/ear/moustache/beard things I believe or very minor stuff.

Then Blizz said, AR customizations will come later, focus is on Core Races at Launch.

Then Blizz said, no more customizations coming at all.

Then Blizz said 9.1.5 will introduce LFD/NB all new customization updates as they were very few in comparison, with sights on HMT next.

In this thread, some VE/HE fans asking for their AR requests, then we get replied (to everyone’s surprise I’m sure) for VE updates.

Were there other AR players in this thread asking for other AR updates before the VE ones were announced?

9 months ago Core Race updates happened. VE/LFD/NB released 2.5 years ago aka the Core Race updates were 9 months ago - much closer to current.

Then Linxy says they are focused on AR updates atm, but pass along feedback of other races ofc.

So, simply, just wait. You’re accusing favortism of happening, and you implied Linxy is favoring VEs when she literally joined she said she loves ALL Elves and hopes to one day get Blood Elven Druids.

So just cool your jets tbh. There’s obviously going to be more Core Race updates in the future.

Should AR players have been mope-y when Core Races got customizations less than a year ago?


Not much was shown and they already look better than night elves :upside_down_face:

Why they need more work? LFD barely has any customisations. You guys talk about void elves being a copy of the other race like it is an advantage. They are a copy cause blizzard don’t care enough about the alliance to give void elves nightborne treatment. Horde got a modified model, with unique customisations, we got a copy with recycled options…

But hair colors is too much guys, we should be happy with our inferior blood elf copy.


I know of the Umbral Rangers, and I can tell you for certain they aren’t Farstriders, nor do they visual resemble them in any capacity.


But it isn’t?

Tell me, which faction has Farstriders?

Alleria was designed to look like a Farstrider, which is a Blood elf organization. Players have been asking for Farstrider customizations for ages, Alleria popping up doesn’t make her visual theme, a void elf one, especially when there’s literally zero indication that any void elf is interested in emulating her style or appearance. Even the Umbral Rangers look nothing like a Alleria, or her any Farstriders.

“like Alleria” like these visuals haven’t been around, and sought after since WC3, or reinforced in Wow media itself.


It’s not about who has more Farstriders or w/e, it’s that a Farstrider customization request is valid to both BE and VE. So if someone is trying to gain ‘distinctive customization for BE’ it’s a bit ironic they land on the subject of requestin Farstrider customization.

Alleria is the pinnacle representative of what a Farstrider would look like in modern times.


I can’t agree that it’s favoritism.

The idealist in me prefers to think that with new co-leads in charge of Blizzard, the winds have changed and they want more communication between the devs and the players, especially where feedback is concerned, and that is the reason these simple copy/paste additions are getting, ‘record responses.’

The pessimist in me firmly believes Blizzard is walking down the hall of, ‘break glass in case of emergency,’ and tapping out a beat Dragonforce would envy in their attempt to distract us from the lawsuits. This would mean adding simple, easy, quick things and doing their best to make it seem like they’re changing and listening to player feedback.

In either case what we see here doesn’t come off as favoritism. It’s either desperation tactics, or actual effort to re-engage with the community. Even when the developers were disconnected, we know for a fact that the High Elf request got through to them. They commented on it several times, knowing full well what players wanted. They asked us to tell them what we wanted for Allied Races, and the loudest response was High Elves. Responding to player feedback at this point cannot ignore major requests like pulling the ripcord (coming in 9.1.5), the maw skip (also coming in 9.1.5), and new customizations (another wave coming in 9.1.5). That something as simple and easy and copy/pasting existing assets is being added isn’t a surprise.

It’s only a surprise that it’s taken this long to do it.

Other races and communities aren’t being ignored. Most all of them are asking for brand new customizations that need to be created from scratch. What High Elf players are asking for are things that already exist.


thats extremely disingenuous. its like saying the MU green orcs didnt tat/warpaint it up because the option didnt exist in the game until shadowlands when we all know its a consequence of WoWs ancient customization creator

and if you play a hunter youve been staring at a blood elf farstrider with green tats if you are survival. its also the camouflage spell icon