Why the lack of Customization?

Someone pointed out in a discord I’m in, that while the void elf story is pretty rocky and poorly implemented and I’m salty we didn’t get krokuul. They could have easily said time passes differently in the voidy woidy dimension they’re in and give us a big old void elf city trapped from the rest the world. A little bit like Nightbourne I guess but that could have easily explained how suddenly the Alliance can have whole armies of void elves and things like that.

Also then there could be a cool void elf city people could visit???

Blood Elves and Void Elves are the same race, high elves.

You are either intentionally missing the point or simply not understanding what a ‘look is’, it’s a combination of all options available. You are piecing out things like ‘same eye color, same skin, same hair color, just a different hair style isn’t enough!’

When I never made that my argument at all. I said ‘try and recreate those BE looks on a VE’

A look is that entire picture. You’re not gonna get close, all you’re going to say is ‘I have blue eye, dark skin, and yellow hair so we’re the exact same see!!’ which isn’t genuinely true in the slightest.

But if you wish to be that way, then go ahead. That’s your own decision to be so. You will never be able to make a Void Elf that looks like any of those Blood Elves and that’s my entire point.

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Well, assuming for a moment that there is a severe enough time distortion in the Telogrus Rift that the Void Elves could’ve bred and trained entire armies in the few months after they joined the Alliance, the question remains how any of the infants in their mothers wombs wouldn’t succumb to the whispers, let alone after their birth and while maturing. A child’s mind being able to withstand the whispers? The rate of attrition would have been virtually 100% of all Ren’dorei children being lost to the void within a handful of years.

This, ‘race,’ cannot logically procreate.

Also if you’re going to make the argument that same eye color, skin color, and hair color is ‘99% similar’ then I have news for you, multiple races in the game also have blue eye color, dark skin, blonde hair. So there’s that for your distinction.

Either that or void elves give birth to tentacle squid monsters like that one scene from MIB. “Congratulations Jerry. It’s a…squid.” The void does weird things.

In other words - yes I agree with you, I don’t think it’s possible for void elves to logically procreate.

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Yeah…it’s beyond time for Belves to get dark ranger and San’layn options (I personally just ignore certain posters who try to rile people up by saying Alliance should get them since it’s painfully obvious they are just trying to bait belf players). You’d think the art team would be gleeful when it comes to creating race-unique customization options.


Well once the devs said worgen give birth to normal human children whether the pairing is worgen x human or worgen x worgen I pretty much took that to assume that LFD/Velves if they reproduce would produce normal draenei/blood elf children. If ‘werewolf curse’ isn’t genetic.

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Oh idk about any of that I just want a cool void elf void city lol

Anyway I’m just here to post for more skin tones for Lightforge Draenei


Yeah I have quite a few people blocked now because it’s clearly bait and literally just started after high elf options were added. Strangely not at all otherwise aside from a few one off people despite me pushing it for years now. It’s blatantly obvious that people are just being petty.

San’layn for the Horde. Really hoping to see them playable someday!

Blizzard are focusing on ARs for the upcoming patch so perhaps in 9.2 or later. I’ll wait even longer of course but I really hope they’re considering it for Horde.


This is not how you make your race distinct. You are literally asking for options that fit void elves to be unique to blood elves. Feathered/braided hair? Farstrider tats? You are asking to play Alleria :upside_down_face: ask for fel and light options and you will probably get options that void elves can’t have, keep asking for alliance stuff and you will see the options being shared by blood elves and void elves again. You guys never learn.


Except they’re “Blood elves” and “Void elves” for a reason, and from a gameplay perspective they are seperate races on different factions that need to have a degree of visual distinction between them. This is why gear sets, and certain visuals are reserved for the Horde, and for the Alliance. If this wasn’t a concern, all visuals should be shared.

That way we can have orcs wearing 7th legion attire, and humans wearing an Orgimmar tunic. Because the fact that it’s an orc, or a human wearing them should be distinct enough from your perspective.

Additionally both groups are drastically different in terms of culture, and design. Their colors, and motif shifted from warm, summer colors to darker, more gothic themed pallet. They are “void” elves, and their designs reflect this heavily.

You seem to be putting too much value in the significance of different hairstyles, because we’re telling you that a “different” hairstyle is not a compelling difference, especially in the face of all that is exactly the same.

~ For example, if the only difference was the option to add a beauty mark to one of the models, you can’t claim there’s still visual distinction over something as unimpactful as a mole. And that “technically” you can’t recreate the look, despite being able to emulate the rest 99%. No one is arguing that they don’t have different hairstyles, merely that it is not impactful, or a satisfying distinction between the groups.

You are going to get close, 99% close in fact, with the only difference being either hairstyle or eye color. The fact that you need to umbrella term all of the shared visuals and harp on one aspect as if it makes everything that is being shared irrelevant is pretty absurd, if not outright disingenuous to the concerns players are voicing.

The point is you can make a void elf that looks 99% similar to those in the examples, that’s the problem. Regardless of the fact that one looks like it he visited a different hairstylist, they look like the same person.


The only reason I think void elves would be a different case is because an affliction like the curse isn’t the same thing as being corrupted by a cosmic force which is hell bent on - you know, corruption. Exposure to the whispers is enough to drive someone mad in most cases. And we know blood elf children are corrupted as well, considering they have fel green eyes, so it makes logical sense the void would run in the same manner, I’d imagine.

Then again, what do I know? I could be totally wrong.

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You realize Alleria’s appearance is that of a Farstrider right? The Blood elf organization? Tell me, how many “void elves” do you see walking around with golds, and greens, with leafy/ranger like armor? Chances are you won’t, because Void elves are not Farstrider Rangers. You’re a bunch of magisters who turned to the void, your whole visual theme is void/gothic.

How is wanting to look like the actual Blood elf organizations that are set apart from Void elves, not visual distinction?


I mean, it’s the degree of corruption hereditary tho?

Let’s assume it’s -safe- for VE’s to have children; if Alleria and Umbric -hypothetically- a couple, had a child; who would they take after? They are both Void Elves, just came to be in different manners.

Also if a Blood Elf child is born with Green Eyes, can their eye color change with time?

Personally, I think LFD and and VE is a more genetic level change; but as genetics, they are affected by whom the offspring is produced with.

But yeah, while I think LFD and Draenei can reproduce without issues, I really don’t think VE’s could necessarily; what if the Void does get passed along to the child? how could they control it?

The LFD and VE changes don’t really feel comparable to the Worgen curse, IMO.

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Well the worgen producing normal human children wouldn’t bother me except for the fact they established that someone can turn into a worgen by drinking worgen blood. If it was just a bite, fine. But the blood thing…logic would imply that if nothing else a worgen woman would pass the curse on via her blood to any child she had, but apparently no.

LFD and void elves are infused with light/void respectively, but we have no confirmation if that’s just a condition that applies to them as an individual like the worgen curse or if those two become ‘genetic’ and something passed on to future kids.

As for blood elf eyes…since they have golden (and now blue) eyes popping up, maybe that’s a sign the fel radiation effect is wearing off.

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I’m hoping for some Vulpera customizations. I’d love more fur patterns and colors. I want a blue fox, akin to the color of the ones we’ve gotten for battle pets.

Maybe some very spotted fur like calico colors or something. I love body jewelry too, like some races have gotten.

Without hair, I’m not entirely sure what other neat things Vulpera could even have.


In hindsight their idea of uniqueness was already lost by default. The developer team did something right finally by giving them a smaller compromise of the High Elves available on the Alliance-side.

No, not like this. It would have required to have playable High Elves first before they get changed due the story. In the end, this was a cursed battle for Blizzard regardless how they try to twist the request.

The best solution would have been from the start to give the Alliance simply the Alliance High Elves. Neither the story writers, nor the game director can justify the canonically five to ten Void Elves as being a playable race. The only answer was and still is to make the High Elves playable for your faction.

After several years we have finally a basic concept for the race established. The next logical step would to rewrite both the Void Elf introduction scene to give it actually weight and clarity by having some Silver Covenant elves going after the Void which results in Alleria rescuing them.

At least, not as things stand right now.

In BfA, we were introduced to the fact a potion exists that quell the whispers. It was given to Ebonhorn in the Heart Chamber when he was being affected by the Old Gods. What we don’t know is what would happen to the Void Elves if they took this potion. It’s not as if Ebonhorn is a void-wielder, so there were no void powers to be affected.

Even if Void Elves could take this potion to no longer suffer the whispers, and that effect passed on to their offspring, then we face a different sort of dilemma in terms of meta. One of the biggest mistakes Blizzard has made in terms of narrative has been the removal of racial drawbacks. The most notable case to date would be the Worgen where, before they even left their starting zone, they gained complete and total control of their forms to the point they could turn back to humans. To a lesser extent this applies to Blood/High Elves with the Sunwell’s return sating their addiction and removing that narrative element from their racial story.

If you take away the threat of the whispers driving the Void Elves insane, then what is the cost of this power?

I have to reiterate this race was not well thought out or planned at all, and players deserve better.

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You are being very disgenuous. I have never stated one single aspect as being valid. Yet you keep talking as if I am.

Let me give you an example using one of the photos I linked.


She has unique: 1) Hairstyle, 2) Eye Color, 3) Necklace accessory, 4) Hair color, and potentially 5) Face (idk if face is diff). That she shares the same dark skin and ear lengh a VE is besides the point, there’s 4 choices unique to BE that a VE cannot come ‘99% close’ like you keep stating.

Let me do another:


Unique: 1)Hairstyle, 2) Eye Color, 3) Necklace accessory, 4) Earring accessory

4 things VE do not have, not ‘99% close at all’, despite again ear size and skin tone shared.

Let’s do one for males:


Unique to BE: 1) Hair style, 2) Eye color, 2.5) Also one half blind eye, and potentially 3) face.

Again, say you only lumped 2 uniques there, and ear size + skin tone shared, still not ‘99% the same’, at most 50%.

This is what I’m saying when I say just try and copy the look. I have never said ‘oh look they can have different hair that is enough’ I have always been saying the combination of options aka look allows BE to keep distinction.

I just proved that you can make BEs look very unique/distinct, so this fallacious expression of ‘BE have no unique/distinction anymore’ is very ingenuine.

But I don’t believe people who say that are trying to be genuine in the first place, especially since putting words in my posts I never said.


agree with all of this. im not a void elf