Why the head be acting so weird tho

Ok so i got the draenei people decapitated head for my warlock. I equip it, alls fine and dandy but then i notice that the head is glitchy and spazzing out and it’s bugging me, like it’ll spin around and glitch back to normal or it’ll just spin in circles, etc. I wonder if it’s a glitch or bug or if anyone else is noticing this? Even the Man’ari heads are acting strange. Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this, it’s quit… odd.

The head does wander in a circle around you if you’re afk, and then dissolve and reappear next to you when you move

If that’s what your experiencing it’s normal and just what he does

He just gets bored and curious when y’all aren’t doing anything

no no, i know it’s afk wandering he does. He looks like he’s glitching, like spazzing out. A buddy of mine said he looked like a mad barking dog. lol.