Why TBC over classic+?

TBC was when the game was ruined. Why not make classic+, like runescape did. I bet classic+ could compete with shadowlands really well. If there is no +, classic will just die.


I wouldn’t say the game was “ruined” in TBC, but I would be much more interested in Classic+ as opposed to TBC.

I think exploring something new would be more exciting than exploring something that a lot of other people have already experienced before.

TBC will be min maxed the way Classic was.

Classic+ would be new/semi-new content.

Either way, sepparate servers is the way to go.


But… TBC had more subscribers than Vanilla did.


in his opinion was when the game was ruined, the facts says otherwise


Agreed. Do we really want to go back to the expansion where flying mounts killed world PvP. Or do we want to go in a new vanilla direction.


You actually trust Blizzard with creating Classic+ content that is actually sustainable and enjoyable? The idea of it is fine enough, though there’s a lot of naivete and wishful thinking. I don’t have enough faith in modern Blizzard.

Practically speaking, TBC is a solid product despite its flaws. And honestly, it’ll be a better experience than Classic due to the bulk of its focus being on endgame content as opposed to Classic where the leveling process (huge portion of player experience) is irrelevant and the limited concrete max level content is super apparent. Raidlogging will absolutely be a thing in TBC, though I wholeheartedly believe people will be far more active and have more clearly defined and proper mains come TBC.


You have to think about what TBC did though. It spread the player base out far, so you saw less people in zones. Azeroth started to become a ghost town, with everyone in the outlands. And everyone in the outlands was flying around on flying mounts, in the sky, seriously hurting world PvP.

always that great argument that tbc is not good because it killed wpvp


Azeroth is already a ghost town outside of the handful of level 50 to 60 zones. I’m not taking strolls through the Barrens or Silverpine Forest once I’m done leveling through the place. I don’t understand this argument, since we literally see the same thing happening in the game as it is now. People act as if All of Azeroth is just brimming with life when it isn’t.


I’m on faerlina. I was just ganking lvl 30s the other day in StV. There were people there. Not as much as at launch though, of course. But if they did classic+, more people would come to classic and be leveling.

Everyone wants world PvP until they are on a 80/20 server lol.

If anything it showed how bad world PvP was.

Sure it’s great getting them 1v1s while you kill naga but it’s hardly ever like that.


That’s the best. I want to be on the faction with the least amount of players. More people to gank on the opposite faction.

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You can gank people in Azeroth leveling zones on your ground mount in TBC. People will be leveling characters in the world. If you’re on one of the few servers with decent populations on both sides you’ll always have people in them. Pick a contested TBC farming spot and you’ll have plenty of WPvP is that’s your cup of tea.

Yes once again it’s because you’re trying to chase 1v1.

In reality it’ll always be four verse one.

If you want that you can make it happen now just transfer the heart seeker as horde.

kind of funny that everybody wanted world PVP on there yet all the horde transferred off because of the ratio.


Remember though, this is when resilience came out. So people started to take 2+ hours to kill. This expansion is when the immortal healers started to appear. The unkillable resto druid. This made PvP boring in general, compared to classic.

No no, I’m not chasing 1v1s. I’m just stealthing in StV, on my rogue or druid, killing lower levels than me while they are fighting mobs. Then hiding when a 60 comes.

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That’s an opinion, though. My favorite PvP memories were in TBC in arenas and even in BGs. People getting bursted to nothing left and right isn’t particularly fun in my eyes.

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You can do that in TBC.

You can’t fly till 68.

TBC was a blast when I played it new. I don’t think I want to revisit it though. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’ve had years to think about exactly what parts of the game I’m not a fan of. Several of those things are just core to TBCs existence, so I dont think I’d really enjoy a second round of it. I had fun the first time and that’s enough for me.


Citation Needed

Because i dont trust the player base to know what it wants. I see people want fresh. Others want harder Naxx. A hunter bug was fixed but theres a thread right now claiming that breaks the no changes.

I have heard all kind of asks from players from bring back cut content to no Forward Progress online SIdeways 40 man content! All disparate voices asking for things while the more consistent voice has been for TBC.

If classic dies, that would be on the exact same group of people that Championed the idea of Classic Museum forever! The same people that you think could push the game forward into Classic+

And this is before we even get into the idea of the Team working on the game and how they are going to bring 15 years of WoW design to whatever Classic+ would be.

Flying didnt kill world pvp. It never did. What killed World pvp was a mix of Arena and the Honor system change. There was still plenty of world pvp on servers that had the players to support it.


always a rogue or a druid coming out of stealth complainting about how wpvp was killed lol

this is not wpvp, this is your idea of wpvp

if your idea of wpvp was killed, get over it. stay in classic, very likely this will be an option