Why Prayer Circle and not Piety?

Seriously bring Piety back (reduces PoM cd by 2 seconds and procs serendipitiy) and remove this useless talent that will never be used especially when PoH costs so much. Who on earth even thought of this talent?


It made sense when it was updated in BFA because all Priests did was spam Prayer of Healing.

Well, I sure hope we can see some changes in 9.1.5 that address PoH being utterly useless, therefore making Prayer Circle useless as well. We can’t be having a spell and a talent have hardly any use.

I’m not sure how much you were watching the logs last tier, but their were quite a few Harmonious Apparatus Holy Priests who were using Prayer Circle and absolutely PUMPING on some bosses in Mythic CN with PoH spam.

These were outliers of course and you won’t find nearly as many of them in Mythic SoD, but they made it work. All of them had quite a few innervates as well.

Feels bad how limited we are and just how inefficient so many of our spells are. I wish they’d balance Binding Heal too. It’s one of my favorites but practically worthless in the face of FC and Trail of Light.

A talent that relies heavily on external CD’s is still not warranted to exist