Why not survey your playerbase

Before making terrible design decisions like same faction battlegrounds.

And I mean give everyone access to the survey, none of this only a small portion of players get a survey in their email, everyone has access if they choose to give feedback.

Possibly go a step further and poll your playerbase where x% of players have to agree to a change for it to go live.

Allow the players… the ones you made classic for… to help shape the future of the game.




Because to give the player base a survey would be a good decision and Activision is a company that isn’t capable of making good decisions. Retail is unplayable and those people are making the decisions for TBC Classic. Of course this was destined to be ruined. Real shame. Short prepatch, rushed launch and still massive amount of bugs and classes not working right.


I propose a vote system on the main website for everyone to vote for. Or even on the launcher / log in screen.

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You must of missed the part where they said they were TESTING the idea.

They could have surveyed people before wasting time and resources on it… and you know used that time and resources to fix the numerous bugs that are still in game…

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Ah so instead of testing the idea they should of tested the idea. Lol wut? :upside_down_face:

As I’ve said many times before, I don’t trust y’all to pick where we have lunch.

YEAH survey the peoples!

“We want to work on server and pvp balance in the coming week… here are 3 ideas we had to accomplish it and help minimize que times. Let us know what you think about the pros and cons.”

“Oh look, the majority of the playerbase thinks solution B is the best solution. Okay lets not waste our time on solution C (same faction BGs) until we try solution B.”

I think even you can comprehend what I’m getting at.

Hrmmmmm :thinking:

I get it. Do you trust blizzard to pick though?

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We all know how that ends.

The only rational decision is for me to decide.

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