Why Not Push Back Shadowlands Release?


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Actually it wouldn’t.

It should be push back, forward means earlier release.

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The earlier the better.

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Good point I updated the title to reflect that.

Nah, release it now, BfA is garbage.


As soon as they took pre-order money, we knew what year the game would release. Legally, if the game is not released in 2020, they have to offer refunds on pre-orders. ActiBlizzard will NEVER give back money. So, no matter how unfinished Shadowlands is or might have been, it was always coming out in 2020.

Not in the US, US doesn’t have the kind of Consumer protection laws.

Btw, they delayed Warcraft iii, so they can obviously do it.

I’ll be pissed if they delay it, the patch we’re currently on has nothing fun or exciting to log into.

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I would make the trade-off in a heartbeat if they decided to delay the game in order to remove all the annoying systems they keep coming up with for no reason and actually started focusing on class design.

Not always. It’s easy to follow the logic. Rushed game is rushed and therefore things are unfinished and very rough, while taking time longer to iron out the kinks would yield a more cohesive experience.

But these days you can’t go too far in either direction. Take too long on something, you’ll get a slew of other problems.

Can you really say WoD was rushed, for example? No, that wasn’t the problem. WoD had a disorganized leadership, poor communication, and issues with resource allocation. They are on-record devoting a decent chunk of their manpower towards twitter integration. Which is no small feat, mind you. but that came at the expense of actual content.

Duke Nukem comes to mind. Examples upon examples of games getting more than enough time, but it didn’t help.

The way you solve both problems is to have an ethos that gives you time to flesh out the game while also keeping you productive with relevant goals and deadlines during that time.

No thanks, those systems look awesome, don’t want to go back to raid logging.

That’s nice and all, but I’d really like a new talent row and abilities not locked behind rentals that get tossed every now and then…

Agree to disagree.

They could spend the next ten years in beta getting it right.
People will still complain and say it was rushed.


To each their own, i actually like playing the game daily.

I already covered the Duke Nukem example when someone else brought it up. That game was delayed because their development team was hacked greatly, not because they felt it wasn’t to the quality that customers were expecting.

I will always maintain that I would prefer a product to take longer and be more polished than a rushed one. You’ll always remember that initial bad experience and you’ll get the initial reviews that reflect it. Even if you make it better later, your initial reviews don’t change.

There is. Its name is Bobby Kotick, and delaying Shadowlands means he won’t get even more filthy rich than he already is.

OP, with a good number of people whinging about how long it’s taking for Shadowlands to come out, delaying it would just make WoW hemmhorage subscribers. From what I’m seeing they’re fixing stuff little by little.

They really need to push it back a few months. There’s no way it’s going to be ready in less than 5-6 months. From what I’ve seen and the feedback I’ve red, pretty much every spec is a disaster, Legendaries are absurdly over powered, conduits are either insanely good or borderline useless, as well as Covenant abilities being super good for one spec, and near useless for another.

If they don’t delay it, they either need an actual miracle for it to be pulled off in time, or it’s going to be terrible.


It doesn’t matter because they’ve made it very clear it’s NOT getting delayed.