Why Not Make Outlaw's RtB A Choice Node?

As it stands, I personally would never play Outlaw in any sort of environment where I’m trying to deal consistent damage. Blizzard can buff it all they want, I still will not play it. The reason is Roll the Bones, and the amount of damage variability that comes with it. I believe that Roll the Bones has great theming and an “excitement factor” that comes with the randomness, but can be incredibly frustrating to play with if you can’t get the buffs you want. So, how could Blizzard solve this while keeping the best of both worlds?

I believe that one answer would lie in making RtB a “choice node” with a more consistent option. This way, there would still be reason to pick RtB, but Outlaw rogues won’t be crippled for trying to find a more consistent dps build that doesn’t use it. Ideally, the consistent option would provide about the average dps output of a RtB build, with the RtB build being higher or lower dps depending on what buffs you roll.

I believe that the theming and excitement of RtB should not be removed entirely, but also that the randomness involved shouldn’t be shoved down the throats of Outlaw players. I also believe that a choice node of this nature would be an adequate solution to meet both of those conditions


Ok. Now suggest what to put in the choice node.

A non RtB option would need to do less avg dps than RtB, otherwise why would anyone ever pick it?

Gambling is the specs identity and it’ll never be removed. Besides that, Outlaw always averages out if you’re playing correctly. Like right now if you only rerolled when the buff ended it’s literally around 100 dps difference between that and playing correctly.

Buffs themselves are within a 1% difference.

Sinister Strike / Combat Potency rng procs literally affect your damage more than RTB does.

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its 2022 and people still think outlaw damage is tied to rtb rng? thats how I know right away you are clueless.

This myth needs to be die now lol

Not only that, RTB is a good gameplay based buff, as opposed to SnD. I don’t know why people would want Outlaw’s decision tree gameplay to be watered down to just another maintenance buff spec.

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