Why not allow race changing

I want to play draeni, I already have a paladin, why is blizzard not allowing race changes?

A) I’m not looking to cheat the system…same class just different race.
B) My race change would make blizzard money :moneybag:
C) This is about quality of life, not game breaking.

If this stays the way it is, I’ll have to grind to 60 again with lesser gear, redoing professions and losing reputations i grinded out in classic I’d like to keep. BLIZZARD just allow race changes…Thanks.


Even if race change was a thing, they’re not going to let you change to Draenei or Blood Elf because those are the new races. So it wouldn’t affect you anyway


They’re doing boosting…this is literally taking a current 60 toon and allowing race change to that. It’s not like asking for a warrior to change to a hunter…that would be ridiculous. If they’ll allow boost to 58 how is it broken race changing a current toon to the same class for racial abilities and looks.


I personally wouldn’t care. I’m a druid, only one race choice anyways :v. Though based on the fact you want a Dranei and they locked them out of the boost, I assume if they did this it’d be the same story .

I would like the same thing so I can go Belf. Doesn’t need to be out the gate, but a few patches in it would be nice.


Draenei and Blood Elves aren’t eligible for boosting either, so this is an irrelevant argument


It’s not game breaking and quite frankly it’s stupid to lock races out of boosting if you have it…no one wants to be behind in content because they have 60 lvls to grind out. They’re allowing boosting…not allowing draeni and be is just stupid.
Race changing doesn’t break anything it just adds quality of life feature to the game. It needs to be a choice. If no change community doesn’t agree then fine lvl a new race to 60 but I don’t want to. I’ll pay 25$ for it to keep my naxx gear.


Idc personally. Add it, boost Dranei too. It makes no difference to me. I am just speaking based on what blizzards already done, so odds are even if they went this route, he’d still be locked.

I understand the argument against boosting because of bots. Obviously blizzard decided money over our thoughts on that…but holding those 2 races out is RACIST! And I’m not standing for it…so I’ll sit down.

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LOL. golf clap.

Race change did not come into the game till just before the Ice Crown raid opened.

October of 2009

Boosting wasn’t ever a thing…but here we are…give race changes. They’ve acknowledged needs for quality of life improvements. Tbc classic will not be the same hard stance as wow classic


Oh, I know man. If it were available my human pally would be Dranie in a heartbeat!

Maybe in a year. Who knows? But I am ok with the restrictions.

Play on

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If they came out and said 2 months after launch we’ll allow race changes I’d accept that compromise


I get that you’re just trying to troll here but what you don’t realize is that you actually have a point…yet at the same time are talking about race changing to Draenei, which they wouldn’t allow

So yes, they should allow race change. but not to the new races. In which case your little troll would be exempt regardless

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Blizzard. You’re greedy as all hell. I know you want my money. I will pay you money if you let me change my stupid names and allow me to change my race, even BE/Draenei restricted.

I’m literally holding money in front of you and saying lets do this. You, Blizzard, the greediest company I know, are denying this?


Because all Blizzard cares about is $$.

I’m being serious, I want to pay for a race change.


They’re not allowing anyone to play a draenei who didn’t start on Azuremyst Isle.

And you don’t need to understand why.

So they can try to tell a story? Get real. Players don’t care. They just want to continue with their classic gear/rep/lvl. That matters. Grinding out 60 lvls again is just bad. No one cares to do that again.