Why new Void Elf customization does not have normal hair colors?

(Commentary): Right now, only the skin tones have been announced. Keep in mind, Allied Races weren’t supposed to be getting any new customizations, with the only potential exception being eyes, since all models are having eyes customized separate from faces. After Shadowlands launches, more customization is expected to be added in future patches. No doubt Void Elves, Nightborne, Hightmountain Tauren, and Lightforged Draenei will be slated for more stuff in 9.1 or 9.1.5 or even 9.2. Be patient.


They weren’t. The picture is cropped and turned in a manner that hides tentacles, but all options are void elf options. You can tell because one of the tentacles is poking out from behind the arm / back of the female. Check the post again. There’s a very slight blue line of the tendril right beneath the bra strap of female #2. And the other two are the void elf versions of the parted and braided hair styles, which by default do not have tentacles for void elves.

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Allera has blond hair so that makes sense.

Their hair turns white so that makes sense.

I don’t think brown would be too big of a stretch.


actually, it did not.

would imply more is coming.


You’ve gone out of order. Click and read the post. It first states:

The few referring to eyes, and skin tones.

Then, it’s stated:

Void elves will inherit the skin color options. That’s all it says. It does not say they’re getting blonde hair, or anything of the sort, and the “few customization options” are the eyes and skin in that order.

If Blizzard gives every single customization option to void elves that were intended for “core races only” as we were told, the player base will have a bigger fit than it is now and the entire identity of blood elves and void elves will be entirely trashed.


it also doesn’t say “this is all we’re giving them”

and generally “a few” would mean not all, if that were all they would’ve said “here are the new customization options coming to them in shadowlands” omitting the “a few” statement.

EDIT: also, looking at your own quoted text

which would also imply that that is not all of the coming customization since it is only SOME of the new options.


Shadine, bro, just get over it. You lost this one bro. You gotta be trolling your self if you genuinely believe void elves aren’t also getting the old blood elf hairstyles. The only thing I don’t think void elves are getting are the new blood elf hairstyles


Natural brown hair color for Void Elves was datamined a few days ago, so don’t you worry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait, seriously? I didn’t see it, is it on WoWhead?

Agreed, I love the new Velf customization options but I really hope other allied races get the some treatment.

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I mean, it’d be self-defeating to give Void Elf players the option to roleplay as a High Elf while not giving them natural hair colors.


Damn, that’s really good, thank you for sharing dude, you got me hyped up.


I doubt it. Hair colors and such shouldn’t be given neither, nor should pale skin at all. The can of worms this has opened is ridiculous. Blood elves deserve racial identity just as much as void elves. If they do go that route, it’ll be the biggest mistake Blizzard could make in this situation.

And I do not have to get over anything. I told people get over it too, and now I will give you the response I was given: No. I have every right to voice my displeasure about this and my thoughts on the subject. I think it’s dumb as hell.


The whole idea behind Void Elves is dumb as hell but they got added anyway, I mean, how many people out there even like the void elves’ lore, everyone is all about their model, of course, they are the most realistic skinny model in this game.

At least with these options, RPers like myself can enjoy roleplaying as a race that has been part of the Alliance all along.


You’re just going through the first few stages of grief bro. Keep your chin up


You have been helfed!

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They’re kind of cool but imo only as a subfaction of a race. Not as the entire race. They’re a niche theme that didnt even get story development in an expansion featuring old god themes. They’re popular because they’re the closest thing to “High Elves” Alliance players can currently play. The race should have been introduced as High Elves from the start. You could have had “Void Elves” as a subgroup of the High Elf races. Maybe as their version of Night Warrior style customization. But the overall race should have been High Elves.

If the High Elf aesthetic overtakes the Void Elf aesthetic in popularity when the options are available to players (high probability of that happening lets be honest) that will prove it should have been High Elves from the start.


I made a level 20 void elf warrior alt, specifically to look all void elfy! No Changes for me :wink:

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7 stages of grief :sweat_smile:

They will get hairstyles too later because as a compromise for the high elves.