Why Nerf Outlaw when DH/Warr/Mages do double the dps?


Because nothing is about dps moreso than the berserk timer, there is fifty thousand things to consider more than damage.
rogue brings shroud, rogues brings crowd control, rogue brings interrupts, rogue brings the ability to not die to area of effect, rogue brings an immunity to physical or magic damage at the same time, rogue brings top aoe damage while doing all of the above.
the list goes on.


DH and Mage don’t bring the ability to skip an entire trash area and save 5 minutes twice per dungeon.
dh and mage don’t bring 5 different types of crowd control on a pack, sap, blind, cheap, kidney, kick.
I mean… do these things really need explaining?
" a derp derp, damage more = nerf "
not everything is damage… holy frick


Mages have hero…lol


Demonhunters need to be nerfed tho. Way too OP leech/meta


Funny the people equating a problem in the game to how the most competitive players in the world choose to use classes and play the game. WoW should never be balanced or decisions made based on world firsts or a silly dungeon competition 90% of us didn’t even know was going on.


This is not a discussion about PvP.

Also, cry more.

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3 rogues and 2 druid’s lol. New meta, everyone else good luck lol

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Sure i’d love to have all that damage and the interrupt rolled into MY abilities. As opposed to some horrible ai bot that follows me.

Oh and btw at one point Forsaken were completely immune to fear. That’s iconic as it can be because undead mobs are STILL immune to fear, but it was removed because dungeon and raid mechanics were being avoided with it. Sound familiar?

That’s probably why i said MOST dangerous casters will simply cast it again. Heck MOST casters that you’d want to postpone that “group wiping cast,” can’t be stunned at all, so i’m not sure what you’re even thinking of there. Using a 2 second stun as a last resort when all interrupts and better stuns are down? Sure. But it’s still your worst option.


Called utility - rogues have tons.

Warriors just bring … well not much, hence other than tanking they are useless and pretty much skipped over for any myth plus runs.


Rogues have three times the group utility that DH has -and- DH has only two specs… one DPS and one tank.
The tank spec ain’t exactly desireable.

So, maybe instead of whining about DH’s only competitive spec… which offers nowhere near what rogues can…

Maybe complain about the classes that aren’t desireable?

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First, real convenient bank alt there.

Second, I’m always the first to say that nerfs are pointless and it’s better to bring other classees/specs up on part… but you lost my support when you decided to throw others under the bus to support your issue with the nerf.

Nerf Outlaw to the ground.

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He took the time to do the things you never had.


Relax, no one is whining. I’m just saying, melee, especially Rogue and DH, have overloaded kits for Mplus. Compare thier kits to something like a Warlock, which offeres what, maybe a stun, maybe an interrupt, and healthstones.

Get over yourself, Havoc is the 2nd best DPS spec for mythic plus.


“Get over myself?”

My point was it’s dumb to complain about a class with one desireable spec when it would make more sense to find issue with the fact that there are classes that have little to offer.

So chill, muh dude.


I’m trying to envision a scenario where ANY spec would put out DOUBLE the damage of an outlaw rogue in M+.

I mean, I guess if the outlaw had grey-quality weapons on, and removed blade flurry from their hotbar?


I imagine rogues are going to see some considerable nerfs next expansion when they really go at the class design. Blizzard is hellbent on turning everything into an e-sport now and you can’t have every MDI team running 3 rogues or 2 rogues and a monk, it just looks ridiculous. Yep, expect some sweeping changes to cloak and some other stuff i’m sure.


It’s such an easy fix.

Put invis pots on their own cooldown. Make that cooldown like 10 minutes. Bam. Problem solved.

Shroud is still better, it’s still preferable to run a rogue, but you don’t HAVE to.

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Shroud isn’t the only problem though, and if Rogues are STILL better for skipping it won’t change a thing when it comes to Shroud.

Skipping sucky pulls every 6 minutes versus every 10 in a timed dungeon that at most lasts 20-30 minutes? That is a MASSIVE difference. That’s like saying just make rogues hit 55% harder than everyone else, that way everyone won’t HAVE to take rogues, but it’s still preferable to.

PS: the DPS pot issue isn’t the only problem with Invis pots. You cannot use invis pots while mount, OR use any movement abilities (blink disengage etc) while you are invisible. Rogues can sprint+shroud meaning you can get MUCH further with everyone else mounted up.


Yo I’m all for changes but let’s not joke about already.


There’s not many shroud skips I can think of where you need to be mounted or even use movement enhancing abilities that an invis pot can’t accomplish the same effect. At least none that are absolutely vital to timing a dungeon.

Maybe skipping to the first boss of freehold? Even then, it’s not necessary to time high freehold keys.

I also can’t really think of a dungeon where you need to skip pulls every 6 minutes. We’re timing 17s right now only using one or two shrouds in an entire dungeon most of the time, or none at all and just using invis pots, although our damage certainly suffers.

I don’t think its a perfect solution, but it would be a FAR less punishing one.