Why nerf aoe now?

I dont raid, so everything else.

as if Im supposed to care what you choose to believe or not?
I just leveled EIGHT hunters from 1 to 60 in the last couple weeks.
I cant stand BFA content more than 15 minutes before Im bailing out and going back to anything else.
I’ll take classic dungeons over BFA any day other than the Manor.

Ok well I can understand your point of view.
I understand that people prefers classic.
I don’t see the point personnaly, there’s really nothing to do.
And just leveling really? For sure you won’t like BFA if leveling is your thing.
Leveling hasn’t been relevant since WOTLK, and it will be even less relevant next expansion.

I won’t defend BFA, I don’t feel it’s that much of a good expansion.

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That seems like a good possibility. The number of calculations per player has gotten absolutely nutty (especially when factoring in pets) and is almost certainly part of the cause of the insane lag associated with things like epic BGs lately.

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I played Naxx40 during Vanilla. I played Classic again last year. I farmed Molten Core and Onyxia for 7 weeks. I ran out of things to do. I found 5man dungeons so easy. I was unkillable. I can’t run any 5man dungeons anymore becoz of the same difficulty. MC and Onyxia is just like LFR… so boring. Theres no content there at max level than to do PvP. Its boring.

Unlike I’l n BFA, I have Mythic+ with neverending difficulty. If I am done with LFR and Normal raids, I would still have Heroic and Mythic.

I rather play BFA then re-play boring old fashioned tank and spank mechanics of Classic. I left Classic last December just to realize that BFA is WAY WAY BETTER.

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Sorry bud but if you ran old raids and dungeons you would always hit all the mobs you pulled.

In case it hasn’t been seen, Kaivax has posted about this issue:

Yes, for aoe abilities but the damage capped at 10 (wrath to MoP) then 20 (mop to legion). Hitting 11 mobs just took your damage from 10 and split it by 11 so they all took less.

The only 2 abilities even in the game back then that are getting nerfed are bladestorm and divine storm.

Back then whirlwind was 4.

Blade flurry was 2.

Multi-shot was 3 (and volley sucked).

Memes like current blade flurry, eye beam, fist of fury, didn’t even exist.

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I’m gonna guess it’s for Torghast. Since Torghast is suppose to be this infinitely scaling arena style PvE challenge, I imagine it would be pretty easily cheesed by stacking AoE classes.

In one of the comments they already mentioned it for Torghast.

Internally they found one of the most effective strats was to LoS tons of mobs to you, stun/CD, and explode them all.

Yes because that’s the most viable strat, that’s what players do. Game developers present a problem and players figure out how to circumvent that problem. If these changes go through and enough time passes and players have developed another strat we do every time akin to LoS+stun/CD explode will Blizz nerf that too? And when they nerf that and players come up with another strat will they nerf that too? Eventually there’s not going to be a game, they’ll just have to delete wow because players will keep coming up with optimal methods we always do.


It’s not about a strat being best, it’s about a strat being so far beyond better than anything else and also limited to a few classes/specs. It’s a strat that doesn’t proportionally increase in risk with number of mobs attempted.

Outlaw and fury are still going to blow up 5 at a time, it just won’t be 15.


:man_shrugging: Given enough time I believe it will return anyways.

It probably will in some fashion.

I do think a key aspect mention is that the risk doesn’t seem to go up when you pull a bunch if they all die anyway.

Even something simple like meme beam in a vision.

I can kill an entire areas worth of trash with 1 cast. There isn’t a big threat due to mobs when I know they will all die. It can be 1 or 100 doesn’t matter.

Maybe it’s time they came up with something that didn’t involve giant packs of trash mobs? It’s not like AOE hasn’t been around since day one, why now?

It’s like they’re saying, we can’t come up with anything different or engaging so we’ll just slow you down.


I think part of it is the corner they are in with mythic+ (greater rifts).

To can lower aoe by having hard hitting, high hp single targets.

But when you have to designs a game where damage now has an infinite scales that shifts to 1 shot territory very quickly.

And as long as mobs can die in a few seconds of burst it’s pretty much always better to kill as many as possible since there is no penalty or risk of a big pull.

Establishing niches and areas for classes to excel is fine…

Taking the blue post, if rogues and warriors are baalnced to deal more damage to 5 targets (call it twice as much damage), than a mage or warlock… it balances out.

If warlocks and mages deal 90% of damage against 5 targets but then 200% more damage on 10 targets… you see where this is going. Don’t ever bring warriors and rogues because just pull 2 packs of 5 targets and do all the damage.

Its an ambitious goal but we all know they will mess it up.

They always do. Remember, they know what we want best because they tell us they do. Happens every Xpac

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They are OP. Look at how many people play the class.

I think it’s time to stop paying and playing.

Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure.

EarthQuake just happens to be off the AOE Cap list. It does have a cap (20), but it didnt get hit with the 5/8 cap.