Why is the pushback against the weekly box requirement so widespread?

I might be misunderstanding the problems people are having but I’ve been hearing one primary point.

“15 mythic+15 dungeons take way too much time, please reduce the number of runs needed.”

In my mind I keep coming back to the fact that, this many dungeons actually takes a comparable amount of time as a mythic raid schedule. Let me explain.

Currently in BFA all m+ dungeons have a maximum timer between 30m and 42m, the average of said timers being 36.33~m. (https://www.wowhead.com/mythic-keystones-and-dungeons-guide) So if you have to run 15 dungeons it’s a maximum time of 36.33m~x15=545m of doing m+. Converted to hours that’s 545m/60m=9.0833~hrs.

A “normal” mythic raid schedule during progression is 3hrs a day, 3 days a week or 9hrs total.

As you can see these actually take almost the exact same amount of time to complete if you’re both barely timing your keys and still progressing in the raid. In fact, I’d argue that during raid progression you won’t be downing all 10 bosses and therefor not getting all 3 choices, where you will be able to do all of the dungeons in near time if not timed.

Do you think I’m misunderstanding the problems people have with the system, is my reasoning incorrect? Please let me know, lets get a coversation going on this comparison between the rewards for m+ and raiding.

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Because people always want more for less and less effort.
That’s all there is to it really.
The system is just far better than the current one, so no need to be worried about whether you will have time to get all 9 options.
Just remember that you used to get 1 and be happy!

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And that’s the problem, because those 15 runs are far more rewarding than Mythic raiding, just through the sheer amount of loot received. How many items are you getting from 15 runs? How many items do you get from a Mythic raid clear? And keep in mind that you aren’t even clearing the raid until later into the patch, so early on the number of bosses you’re getting drops from in raid is even smaller.

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With the changes to mythic+ loot, you’ll be getting 3 pieces from the 15 15s on average since one piece drops per run, not counting any loot trading. I stated that m+ will actually be better during progression in the 6th paragraph of my post. What you’re saying is still true, but much less so. Especially since the speed that you complete the raid in after you clear it the first time will increase far faster than the rate at which you can complete the dungeons will increase.

Sure. But keep in mind the following:

  1. Blizzard will tune the Mythic raids on the assumption that people are spamming the wazoo out of M+ before raiding. (Because they will.)
  2. Raiders are already spending a ton of time getting their characters up to snuff, planning out the fights, and doing the raid.
  3. Raiders are now being expected to do way more M+ dungeons than previously.

It’s just another uptick in the Raider Tax.

Granted, many raiders will chain run all those M+ anyway, since M+ is such a gear smorgasbord that you can’t ignore it. But still.

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