Why is the next maintenance so long?

its not like there is a new patch or something coming out


Just speculating, but they could be doing the combined realm server work that they talked about recently this next week.


yeah i suppose that makes sense

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They’re giving me and all my boys beta.

I got a lotta boys

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They must be doing some major infrastructure changes if they need 8 hours.

Wouldn’t they normally specify only those realms being combined need extra maintenance time?

I guess someone might try to mail a BoA item to one of the realms being combined.

To be a server tech at blizzard I bet that’s a good job.
I’d love it. :heart_eyes:

It’s a bummer to have long maintenances twice this week. It’ll make me gasps do housework…

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Pretty much this.

They announced they are combining a few realms on the 23rd and probably doing some known server-side upgrades that they will need for SL / other realm combines.

I wouldn’t really expect it to last eight hours. Every time they have extended maintenance it’s always up long before the estimated time. It’s just a loose frame for some breathing room.

It’s nap time for the hamsters who run the servers. :slight_smile:

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i believe only 1 realm was announced. seems like a too long window for 1 realm. lol jesus…

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There are a couple, but it’s taking place on Thursday instead of Tuesday.

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I’m curious why this is such a long maintenance as well seeing as the server merges aren’t until Thursday

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That’s how it has worked in the past. It would usually be “regular maintenance is from X to X. Such and such servers will be from X to X”.

Although the actual connections will be happening then, I guess its possible that the prework for that to happen could be going on during the Tuesday maintenance.

It does seem to be a very big shutdown given that there doesn’t seem to be anything major due to happen gamewise between now and prepatch. Edit: Classic also has a maintenance, but its just a normal one.

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My guess is after x amount of server restarts like they have been doing they need to actually shut it down properly for a bit. Maybe a server stack is having some issues or something

They are probably setting the servers up for the connections on thursday .

Tuesday might be them doing some hardware upgrades so they are ready for it.

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I would guess that Blizzard is doing hardware maintenance to prepare for the realm connections starting later this week.

My other guess is that Patch 8.3.7, Which is on the Public Test Realms right now, Will be coming out to the Live Realms.

Note: Patch 8.3.7 is not a content patch. It’s a pre-patch for Shadowlands that is adding some upgrades to the way NPCs look in-game.

You can read more about Patch 8.3.7 by Clicking Here!

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They are fixing stuff, and junk.

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Yes, Looks like 8.3.7 is live.