Why is the monk dev so silent

why does it seem like the developer for monks not seem to care about the issues that have plague Monks for Expansions.
Are they pre-occupied with other classes?
If Rune of Power is a bad playstyle why has Feyline Stomp not been addressed yet?
If Windwalker monks are looking for the Vault of the Incarnate’s Mythic Ring for DPS, why has this not been Addresses as well.
For some monks their Trinkets make up close to 1\4 of their total dps. How is it an acceptable\enjoyable playstyle.
Touch of death… you already know


I do main monk * it just picked random character for the post

Developers are almost never the ones doing the talking, most developers are “silent” when it comes to community interaction.

There isn’t a single developer for Monks, never has been. So the realistic answer is that they have limited time and resources and Monk isn’t a priority at the moment, whether we think it should be or not.


I thought monk didn’t have a dedicated dev anymore. Last I knew it was being done by others who don’t even play the class.


When a class have multiple roles within itself there are normally multiple devs working on that class.
So you might have 3 devs on Monk due to Brew (tank), Mist (healer), WW (DPS) as you’d want someone who actually exists in those ecosystems to design that role.
Would be cringe AF to have a healer designed by a DPS dev who doesn’t fully grasp the complexities of healers


I mean, is there one?


This was my understanding as well and supposedly one of the reasons monks were being neglected.


as i see windwalker they have 2 paths for their playstyle.
they are either a Chuck Norris or a Bruce Lee.
Chuck Norris -slow hitter but REALLY hard
Bruce Lee- Death by 1000 punches

it seems that they wish to get both, and missing their mark


Sadly we are not Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee… We are Ash Ketchum pokemon master. Summoners of a 1000 pets but they all kinda suck.

/Xuen I chooooossseee you!


Monks being neglected likely has more to do with population/Blizzard’s skewed viewpoint then anything else, the guy people usually point to as ‘the monk dev’ left a long time ago.


Doesn’t get any better on brew. Ground targets gooooo. RoP, Statue (god I hate this thing), bonedust, exploding keg… All of em you wanna use without missing a gcd, and all of them you ideally wanna use without macroing it so you can fine tune the positioning for various circumstances.

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Keep in mind for those that don’t work in tech or development that developers are not allowed to just make changes or talk to the players without management approval. The dev (s) could very well be voicing their concerns with it falling on deaf ears. There is a process and approval process in place for this sort of thing.


The final rule of that process? “Never let WW be above par past the 0.5 patch”


Hey now, we’ve all had managers that ignore issues that we bring up to them. Who knows what’s really happening.

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Then it’s pretty clear whoever calls the shots’ partner cheated on them with a ride or die WW main at the end of legion and now we’re all doomed til WoW 2.



-The dev team


“WW Monks?”

-The Dev Team

Fixed that for you as they’ve reworked MW like 8 thousand times already and Brew is in a near perfect spot.


I agree that ww is the only spec that would really need more love from the devs

MW has gotten a ton of love since the start of the expansion and both specs are very decent, be it performances or gameplay.

I do play ww too and would appreciate a bit more love on that side tough! Since it’s my offspec, it’s not well geared and I can feel the need for BiS gear a lot more than I usually do with my dps offspec :man_shrugging:

We’ll take a bit of love on our class tree too, soothing mist and capstones are good places to start! /wink /wink

Getting tired of being asked, “Why aren’t you playing MW?”

Because I already played it until it lost it’s charm. You can only soothing mist so much before you fall asleep. And FW is fun for a bit but it’s playstyle makes me want to play WW.

Some attention to WW would be nice. It needs a revamp. No statues, less reliance on pets, Some better survivability, more consistency, and less focus on glass cannon pea shooter balance because people might complain.

Fort brew being on such a long cd feels like they just put it that long so they could lazily find a way to throw in a talent for reduction. Even with the reduction 4 minutes is ridiculous.

And 6 talents spent just to bandaid EH and Vivify and they still feel meh. That’s just bloat with no reward.


As a WW i’m so proud to see MW get the love they needed these last 8-9 months.
But my god it’s like they just see 1 or two specs for monk. What about WW?!