Why is the game down?

Goblin Gliders are your friends. Buy them, hot key them.

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went right over didn’t it. :roll_eyes:

It’s just me being super bad around cliffs. I’ve been maining this Pally since Cata. I know where my pally bubble is, and how to use it. I also have engi parachutes ready to go.

Even with all of that, I legit have fallen off the same cliff, back to back, and died. Like… wtf lol

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I have them (am engi), and I do.

Cliffs and I just do not mix well. At all.

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Nothing in the entire universe can EVER reduce hyperbole!

Class Tuning Incoming – December 13

tanks are not going to be happy…lol.

Weekly nap for the server hamsters.

im not happy cause i cant play the game i paid for!

the sad part of blizz splitting expansion lauches into several smaller chunks is that they mess up more.

after more than 15 yrs and they can’t still have successful deployment, people take day off for these expansions.

they are too lazy to wake up at 5 am once every 2 yrs to deploy the code so is ready for the clients early in the morning.

They’ve been crying about it on the forums for the past few days.

*ETA - the silly ones have. Good tanks won’t care, and will just make it work, same as they have in past expansions.

It’s a place I can go where no one is asking me:

To do something.

How to do something.

Why to do something.

Talking to me in general.

Sometimes I even find a book I’m interested in reading, so I take it home.

Then people ask questions again and I forget about the book until I get an email from the library asking for the book I forgot about and never read back. It’s a vicious cycle.

Ever watch the masked singer? I have a hoodie that says “don’t talk to me”, but also a t-shirt that says “Free Hugs” - Sometimes I wear both and watch people wonder.

You could have had a senior moment like I did this morning. “Oh, weekly maintenance is 7am-11am today” (forgot that it meant 11am Pacific Time and I’m in Eastern). “It’s noon Eastern Time, why are the servers still down if it’s after 11am…?” ><

I hate when I flub an Intelligence check on the d20 irl.

Is it a zip up hoodie? Do you just unzip and flash “free hugs” randomly or do you have to pull it up?

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I knew I was going to get called on that. I’m still thinking of an answer that will give me both simultaneously.

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I mean, I would do that if it was a zip up. Someone approaches me and sees the “don’t talk to me”. Maybe they would get sad they couldn’t talk to me (I’m reaching here, but yeah) so I unzip and make them feel better when they know they can get a free hug.

Or, they will just be relieved that they don’t have to talk to me.


Edit: talking about unzipping is now making me uncomfy so I’m moving on.

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I like that my engineers can tinker with their cloaks to build in a reusable goblin glider. FYI, a druid in deer form that can carry a passenger can stay in that travel form and use the glider (either the single use variety or the tinkered cloak) while carrying the passenger.

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silently hugs you while making awkward eye contact

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Sir, I’m undead. There isn’t an eye contact that I can’t handle. Mainly because I have none, but still. Want to play that game to see who blinks first?? /rips off eyelids. I don’t need’em.

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thinks to himself: “Well this is gonna be awkward… these aren’t even my real eyes… and this mask doesn’t blink…”