Why is OCE not merged with NA for bgs again

2 games across all BGs going right now…

Because Blizzard merged them once and people freaked out and begged them to change it back. Maybe Blizzard is leaving them like this now out of spite, who knows.


Cuz u guys made a thousand-post thread demanding to be removed lol


So yeah, there’s about 1700 reasons that Oceanic is NOT merged with NA.

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I’ve had a fantastic time playing bgs with around 20-30ms. Quality > Quantity


you don’t remember the massive tears from OCE begging for them to be unmerged? Blizz isn’t gonna keep going back and forth

Oh i remember the tears, they were all wrong and stupid (especially Tidy). Couldn’t even find rat 3’s games today. They cried and ruined it for everyone and then quit wow.

It’s time for the 1 Blizzard intern working on classic to actually just harden up and merge them.

People forgot that OCE gamer population can’t sustain itself for too long.

they did
people hated it
so they removed it
now people want it back

that’s 1 more than usual peak hour.

I dont think it matters anymore given OCE pvp is already dead.

Yes, it didn’t work on retail and PvP queues just = wait 5 mins and then slapped NA anyways. Retail also has more players than classic, was entirely predictable.

sounds like its time to reroll NA

it’s almost like our server populations have dropped a bunch over time and now it can’t sustain itself anymore

Bump, still stuck with 0 games.

that’s called vision. Those cry babies could only see from their bed to the kitchen. They deserve this fate.

Plenty people wanted the merge because they could forsee this grim future when player count drops significantly

If we’re going to force OCE people to play entirely segregated, can we also force transfer everyone from SEA (south east asia) who plays on american realms onto those OCE realms?

It’d do wonders for curbing the bot population if people where forced to have an American IP to access them…though would have to also ban proxies.

IP and proxy banning would definately would do a number on Grobbulus. A lot of RMT bots and strat boosters on here are indonesian. The other group is south americans but they play fine on NA.

Hey add NA and you got a whole 8 games; massive improvement for you and a massive downgrade for us because now we have to deal with " I need to be closer" when casting sheep… and your 18 sec of lag making you immune to counterspel.

Ya, no thanks.

To be fair, people asked them to be split before they realized Blizzard had ruined arena/PvP with it’s system changes.

I definitely prefer playing in Oceanic-only BGs/Arenas.