Why is nobody talking about how Blizzard fooled us all

It is not about which is better: Classic or Retail…

It is about how Blizzard has brought in a swath of new subs to play Classic with no true downsides. Let me explain.

BfA - EP Patch was a few months ago. People were hittin’ it and not quittin’ it - so to speak. At this point though H EP is on super farm mode with only M EP content left for the majority of folks. Other than that you are doing what you always did - Mogs runs, M+ Runs, or - heaven forbid - working on Alts. When this stage happens subs wane. People log out and come back right before the next big patch.

In comes Vanilla…During the wanning period folks now have a reason to not quit for a few months. They are going to play Vanilla. They may even log into BfA more than they would just to check things out. So Vanilla picks up steam and just as people are getting tired…

BAM - BfA Patch

Then as the BfA Expansion enters the lull phase…

BAM - Vanilla Patch

Repeat this until…

BAM - Retail Expansion

then as things die down…

BAM - Vanilla TBC Rollout

They are genius. They have everyone (including me) hook, line, and sinker. They know I will play Vanilla , and when I get tired they will make sure there is fresh Retail content to play.

This brings in all the Vanilla old folks who unsubbed, plus it keeps us dedicated subbers subbed for life - in perpetuity.

If a Retail Expansion is bad, heck, just play Vanilla. If a Patch is bad in Retail, play Vanilla. Flip the script and you can do it either way.

We are all suckers…

Blizzard watches the forums arguing between classic and retail and laugh and laugh as they count their money. They do NOT care WHAT we play. They care that we play. And here we ALL are. In the same place, paying the same sub, and drowning in our delusions and lemming behaviors.


You’re saying they fooled us into playing a game we enjoy?


… I don’t think Blizz is smart enough to pull that off intentionally. XD

Edit: Matter of fact, I think one of them might be reading your thread RIGHT THIS minute getting ideas ripped off from ya. lol jk


fooling you?

They’re giving you a reason to play, which if you’re spending money on entertainment , is exactly what you would hope for.


I do think that is intentional. But anyone smart enough won’t spend their money on something they don’t want to play. If next expansion is just WoD 3.0, I’m not preordering. I’m looking for very specific changes in their announcement, otherwise me going back to retail is out of question. I’ve been a fool and fell for their lies for too long.
Going to farm high warlord and get the best possible gear on vanilla if next expansion is another grindfest with classes being just a wait-button-to-light-up mess.

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They make things that people want to buy, it’s called running a business.


I mean I already did that with Overwatch… I get all my pvp joy out of there.


How is that fooling us?


Not sure how this makes us fools if most of us already figured out Why they were doing it?

Can’t be fooled if you already understand what’s going on. :rainbow:

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Activision is though.

I kinda saw it as a cash in as others have stated. Kind of a fill gap for any loss of subs from the last expansion.

While work did have to be done to “recreate” such a feat, it is literally a 15 year old game. This isn’t like a generic remaster where at-least the graphics are touched upon.

Tribalism was inevitable, and I am sure Blizzard were aware. In the end though, that is more of what we create, and to each their own.

So your big revelation is that…Blizzard is developing games?

Green Jesus, what’s the next episode of your underground podcast, how Walmart is closing down local businesses by having gasp DIVERSE RETAIL SELECTIONS?!


Just sounds like a epic business model they cam up with, like any other company.

Good for them i say.

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For me atleast void or something like MoP new lore and bosses would do it for me :slight_smile: .

Wait wait wait, hold on!

Do you mean to tell us, Blizzard, as a company, has decided to sell us a product which we can consume and enjoy?

Are you out of your mind? What kind of business is that!


ya OP, rest assured they have this all planned out, they are really good at soaking this pleb generation of gamers
once peoples subs come up, in a few weeks here, blizz will “oh snap” and drop phase 2
this will work for a phase or two, till people smarten up to the newest trick
same old actiblizz, does this surprise you? those 10 mil$ bonuses dont pay themselves you know :wink:
i can see more layoffs over next year or two MARK my words

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really? I was thinking I would wait for wrath lich king to come out then.

Basically you criticizing a company for making something to earn money with the least cost possible. And labeling “fooling” the idea that a company gives you the “choice” to do something.
I guess kids these days forgot what business is, with all these “truthers” telling you people can make something out of nothing and give it to you for free, but they charge it because they are greedy.

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