Why is Mythic Nyalotha locked to same server PUGS

What is the reason for this BS? Am I not entitled to progress through content unless I join a mythic raiding guild? Being on dead AF server such as Korgath, makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find a PUG for mythic progression in Ny’alotha. Is this Blizzard’s way of telling players on a low pop server to pay $25 to transfer to tichondrius, Illidan, or one of the high population servers? It’s hard enough finding tanks with the cross-realm LFG tool, and can’t imagine how freken long it would take to form a PUG for mythic raiding on this dead server (took an hour to find a tank for a mythic +13 yesterday).

I guess I will have a chance at mythic raids a month before Shadowlands.

They don’t open up mythic raids to cross realm until 100 guilds per faction have cleared the raid on mythic.

Horde reached 100 almost a month ago, Alliance has 82 so far.

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Are you new this has been a thing for a while now. You are really late to the party

Yeah, unlike you I haven’t been playing the game for 10 years. I played during Wrath and came back 4 months ago with 2 friends. So yeah, I’m “new” to this ridiculous system that does nothing but bar players from content.

During Wrath, every raid in every size and difficulty used this lockout system…

How are you new to it again?


Then head on over to alliance and get a famed slayer achievement. Best of luck to you I hope you get it! :+1: