Why is my monk so squishy?

So I’ve been leveling every class to 70 and monk is one of the last ones I have to do.

One thing I like to do in order to judge how strong a class is and whether or not I might main it is by fighting the Plainswalker Bulls, an elite mammoth that’s part of the centaur leveling quest where you collect 30 fresh game meat.

Some classes can destroy these mammoths, most classes narrowly beat them, but monks are the only dps class that I’ve played that gets destroyed by these mammoths.

I’m level 65 which is around the level I do this quest on most classes and this mammoth is chunking my hp with his auto attack which wasn’t an issue for my other characters and my self-healing is so bad that might as well not exist…

What’s going on? Is it because monks are balanced around versatility being their main secondary stat and I just don’t have enough of it while leveling? Didn’t touch of karma used to heal monks? Wasn’t there a talent that dropped healing chi balls during fights? Didn’t windwalker used to have an instant cast vivify proc?

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leveling is a bad indicator of where classes are powerwise.

if you’re in warmode the talent that makes FoF parry everything while channeling is very useful to staying alive.

Instant vivify is still there in the talent tree, not all that great but it’s there.

Don’t forget about your other defensives.

But yea leveling WW is a little glass cannony.

They have a strange focus on WW being “hit and run” for the martial arts ninja theme(kicks and punches) but also the meditation theme at the same time. It doesn’t work together. They clash. Ninjas have great defense(avoidance). They don’t absorb blows. And they don’t run off like little pests.

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WW is quite squishy, even at max level. In arena, you gotta run a sort of run and gun style. It is a little annoying. But yeah level 65 is not a good indicator of class power nor is their ability to handle an elite.

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Unfortunately they’re glass cannons, however WWs have 4 defensive cds that helps them mitigate unavoidable mechanics and really good mobility.

WW has its pros and cons, it is what it is.