Why is mage blink still broken?

If Demon Hunters Wings SNAPPED off mid-flight that would be hot fixed within an hour. Why is it in 2021 that two blinks are used and end up standing in the same spot?


I think the “blinking in place” has to do with really weird map variations in PVP or PVE where something like a small pebble stops you from blinking forward. Not sure if the problem is with blink - or just how maps are designed visually.

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Yeah, Blink has had… issues forever.

I always wish it worked like the Torghast version ability, door of shadows – whereas it becomes instant with a small target reticle.

It’s what, microseconds longer to press your key then click at the area. It’ll also open up a myriad of ways to use it!

Most complaints against it, is that it won’t be instant and mages should feel “reactive”, as in instant. Truth is, most abilities are on gcd anyway.


Any other mage here find when sometimes blinking from the IF auction house you blink through the bridge and fall down?


No. But, there was a point where in front of the Sanguine depths entrance in one specific spot you could just blink in place.

I’ve also been able to kind of see where the barriers in Eversong Woods are in front of the Siovermoon city entrance completely by accident and I’m pretty sure it’s the same ones that keyboardturn have talked about once on ptr, but my experience was on live. To be be bit more specific it is somewhere around where one of the Silvermoon city guards stop walking and despawn to be replaced with a different model npc guard.

Blink is a pathway to… strange things…

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You’re wasting your time.

Blizzard said at least 10 years ago that this is as good as it’s going to get. As far as they’re concerned Blink is just quirky. It’s not bugged and they’re not wasting any time trying to fix it.

Want to Blink reliably? Swap to Demon Hunter.


Demon hunter rofl? You mean the DC machine?

Still blink is jacked. I’ll say it again if demon hunters wings snapped off mid flight that would be fixed in a hour. It’s just clear and present blizzard doesn’t care about mages.

Broken since 2004. It’s why every raid boss has a boring flat surface. They know it’s broken, and it’s very infuriating in m+. They should have redesigned it years ago.

Pretty sure theyve said it will never be fixed. Always sucks to get your blink rubber banded or worse, you trip on a stick or blade of grass :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did they say why it’s never going to be fixed? Because I really don’t understand why it’s like that. lol

Its crazy how blink doesn’t work but soulshape works every time in the spots blink doesn’t.

I mean they do now, but there were plenty of raid boss arenas in previous expansions that caused issues. That’s not including weird choices like the box in the middle of the floor on Felmyst. Nothing more fun than trying to dodge a raid-killing mechanic and blinking on the spot, or falling through the world.

But yeah, it’s as good as it’s going to get. I think the excuse they used back in the day was that it’s because it ‘teleports’ the player unlike Warlock gates, heroic leap, DH thingy which means that if it doesn’t register the exact spot to teleport to it just fails.

Because demonhunters don’t have this thing called Iceblock and Cauterize as get out of jail free cards to mitigate dysfunctional skills.

Don’t make this about DH. Mages and rogues have historically been the top dog classes through most of the game. You don’t get to complain about a class that’s only being brought for a 5% magic damage debuff.

Are you really attempting to justify a broken mechanic with abilities that a class is balanced around? Ignoring the fact that you listed Cauterize as a mage mechanic rather than one exclusive to Fire.

It’s actually getting exhausting reading people’s bashing of mage when at the moment it’s the most trashly developed class on alpha.

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Yeah, that’s exactly what he’s doing. Because that guy is miserable

Ah yes, thankfully Mages have those 3-5 minute cooldowns to mitigate a mobility spell that has been inherently broken for 18 years. Good thing those coldowns also mitigate things like platform changes on bosses…

Ok then. Heroic leap, warlock gate, druid leap, disengage, leap of faith, paladin horse. All of those seem to work absolutely fine, because they were designed that way. In fact they were designed to move a physical object along a path to the destination and it is why they work compared Blink. They do lack some functionality of Blink (eg: complete avoidance of damage) but they also don’t fail.

Don’t make this about Rogues.