Why is leveling so boring after level 60?

I get to 60 on an alt and instantly lose all motivation to level. Dungeon ques are long filled with toxic people who vote kick you if you even ask a question. Questing boring and a slog… Why 15 hours to 70? As you can see, I only made it to 63 before getting too tired to continue


Tip: Level in timewalking.

Way more XP per dungeon
Dungeons Quick
Leveling takes way less time

I ONLY level 60-70 in timewalking, any other way is like pulling off finger nails.

Great news! Next 6 weeks starting Tuesday will be a timewalking event


Why is it last for 6 weeks ?

Because 60-70 is current xpac. So every single character you level through here is going to be doing the same junk in the same zones. Then at max level they’ll be repeating a lot of that junk in the same zones for rep and as WQs.

Lower levels are great because you have a ton of options and little to none of it overlaps with max level content.

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Yup 6 weeks until 10.1 yay

Unfun open world stuff (to some peoples tastes). dungeons get the people who think the path to MDI preparedness begins…in leveling dungeons. I saw that in SL even.

You all won’t make in mythic 0 even!

thank you internet random for the comment. but…this char will run pvp so yeah, that wasn’t a concern I had.

For me anyway…I find chromies offerings way more interesting. level gets fun, when you enjoy where you are at.

I love legion. except stormheim. so guess what I don’t do. That’s right, stormheim. No expac is perfect, lol. Issue with DF is, for me, there are no good place to enjoy.

Even BFA gave us drustvar. Spooky witch girl was always nice to visit. it had one spot of fun at least on a long road of pain.


Special event.

DF is boring.

To be fair, any expansion is after you level 1-2 times through the quest lines. Leveling in the “current” expansion is always slow etc.

It’s like Shadowlands, I think I got burnt out after I had 25 at max. But now that I can do 50-60 in under 2 hours it feels amazing lol.

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1-60 leveling is faster because its older content. 60-70 takes more time as it is the current xpack, but i still find it too much fast, as i got used to play Classic WoW (If you find Retail leveling boring, stay away from classic).

I got lvl 70 and still haven’t done all the main quests, i would like it better if i could finish the campaign while leveling…but still.

As a MMORPG, the leveling is and must be a experience that takes some time, especially in the current/newer expansion and/or patch that you should explore more the Isles to know it better…and personally I don’t find it boring, but on the contrary.

For the toxic people in the Dungeons, well, not much to do about it. it’s about the game community. Just report who is being mean to you and move on.

DragonFlight isn’t perfect and sure it have it flaws, but it still better than Shadowlands and BFA on the “fun” department. I’m genuinely liking it. (Playing as a casual, with friends, at least)

(Sorry to ask, but 15 hours to 70? I’m not even playing so vehemently and I got 70 faster, are you sure you aren’t doing something wrong?)

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