Why is leeway a game killer

All the threads showing up about leeway with #nochanges, people talking about current internet quality making up for it etc.

After talking with buddies of mine who played vanilla and pservers they stated leeway was always there. So what’s the big deal? Is it suddenly worse or have an even longer range than it used to? And how does this effect hunters specifically? Because I’ve also saw plenty of people saying they will no longer play hunter due to the fact they won’t be able to get out of dead Zone. But I mean you can still scatter trap and everything else like you used to correct ?

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The only way leeway will be a game breaker is if its bugged somehow. If it’s working like it worked in release wow, then there is no issue.


Leeway is a game killer because each week on our forums and reddit it gains another yard or two of range. First melee range was around 10, then 11-12, Heard some 14-15s. 20s are starting to pop up.

At this rate, by the time the game comes out, Tauren Warriors are going to be one shotting people from the opposite side of AV.


You have to sift through the garbage sometimes to find the rational discussions on a given topic.


As long as it’s working as 2006 intended then it’s not gonna change. “Warts and all.” But it’s a strange mechanic to have with a modern connection and feels weird much like Spell Batching feels right now.

It was never enabled on Private Servers, is what’s new.


what I don’t quite understand is that their big post about batching was explaining that they’re doing things differently backend to actually make batching act in a way similar to how it did in vanilla, but with leeway they’re just keeping it as is, even though that causes it to act very differently than it did.

They’ve said leeway is working as it was in 2006, it’s just that the extra range is more noticeable at the lower latency that more players these days have.

I’d guess that private servers aren’t mimicing the mechanic exactly as it was in 2006.

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And that it was noticeable to those with the lower latency then.

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Ah ok I thought pserver had it as well. That makes sense then. Because those players probably often confuse how vanilla was against however the pservers are tuned.

But regarding hunters. Does it allow for exploit of the dead Zone ? Or Can the hunter also wing clip from 10 yds are whatever ?

I’m not in the beta and the actual limitation on the range leeway provides seems to go up by 1 yard every time I see it mentioned, but it does affect everybody equally.

So that does mean that Hunters can melee back from a larger range as well.

and if you’re Tauren, which their size naturally gives them increased melee range then your distance is even further.


Tauren hunter would actually benefit from this against any other race sounds like

Have you not seen all the complaints about Spell Batching? It is behaving how it did in Vanilla, and suddenly everyone is up in arms. The fact that the raw code was more complex to implement, doesn’t change the fact that both mechanisms are behaving how they did in Vanilla.

The interesting part for me is, they used leeway to compensate for lag, and internet connection etc etc. But now that the average speed is much higher it is a little odd they would keep it.

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Same goes for spell batching. They don’t need it, but they had it.

Leeway wasn’t recreated because it was needed, it was recreated because it was there.


I understand that portion. But in a sense it seems like a change because of how it impact gameplay with the current technology. Who knows maybe it won’t have much impact at all

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The difference is not in the technology, its in individuals experience of it. And Blizzard can’t build to experiences because the “Change” is something outside of their control. So they are building the game to what it was, not what people remember.


Here you go.

It hasn’t killed Retail yet (or at least nobody really noticed specifically)

Never bothered pservers for 15 years of technology improvements.
But it sure does seem to bother classic wow players who haven’t played it yet.

People said that private servers didn’t use leeway? Don’t know for sure because I haven’t used them. And I’m not really bothered by it like some people. I’m just more questioning if it will hurt certain classes. Primary hunters.