Why is it 1.12 AV, really?

We already got clarification in the Alterac Valley in Classic thread


Based on the AV thread, it sounds like their reasoning what that they think the removal of all that stuff was an improvement to the BG.

People mention stuff about data loss, but I don’t think I’ve seen Blizzard actually suggest they don’t have the data for earlier AVs. That seems to just be something we made up as a theory.

That flies in the face of what they said about patch data being lost at BlizzCon though.

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As does many other things.

Because it takes 0 work to do.

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I really do think it means they have the best data on 1.12 and not that clear data on 1.5.


Because of Orc teeth. Gross!

Ok - but “picking” suggests they had another choice.

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I honestly hadn’t considered that “clarity” might mean that. I’m so used to double-speak that I thought that’s what this was.

Yea, they could do 1.5 but they miss some data and that would mean them having to do some intensive coding and testing and coding and testing.

So they thought of going with the patch giving them most complete data, reducing the time they would have to spend.

I’d rather see 1.5 - 1.9 for the clarity :wink:

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The graveyards pre-1.10 were really horrific. We don’t need to go back to that.

Here’s what 1.5 AV looked like btw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFjRb17g0PU

To be fair while we talk about AV 1.5, the biggest thing would really just be undoing the massive round of nerfs that came with 1.11.

and possibly the 15-30% nerf to NPCs that happened in 1.8.

I feel so lucky that I don’t give a damn about AV :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be horrible to argue about it :smiley:

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It’s not an issue for you. It’s a gamebreaker for others. If you dont care, and others do, be quiet. ‘But it’s not my problem, so it shouldnt be yours either’ is a really stupid attitude.


If the game build is 1.12, why shouldnt they start with AV 1.12. Im not being sarcastic at all. I am just happy that I will be playing the game soon.

I think they did that in 1.8. 1.8 is not a bad version to go with.

Better than 1.12 - unless you just want a running simulator for your gear.

they only said to go with 1.12 as base for it being the most complete state with the least bugs and such. Ofc it’s also the one where they would have to do the least amount of work on.

they didn’t say we would get 1.12 classic wow, as it to be sure we would get 1.12 av.

The big nerfs were 1.8 reducing the power of all NPCs by 15-30%, and 1.11 removing most NPCs, with remaining ones having had their HP reduced.

To be honest I’d be fine with AV being set to even 1.9 with the latest version of the map, just with that 1.8 nerf reverted.

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I suspect that it may have something to do with the fact that 1.12 was chosen for literally every other aspect of the game, for better or worse, as they have mentioned.

Annnd this is my point. It’s a “gamebreaker” for others? Really? A small part of the game being adhered to it’s last iteration makes the rest of the game completely unplayable to you? Grow up. Do you complain as much about 1.12 talents? It still blows my mind that all of you people whining about 1.12 are taking 1.12 talents and spells completely fine.