Why is Alter Time dispellable?

Shouldn’t it just be a defensive ability like most other classes have?


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Why do specs other than Arcane have access to it?


Why does specs other than frost get ice block!

Nerf mage.


have to dispel like 10 other things before getting to alter time no worries


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your shield is 3 dispels alone on top of everything else


Don’t run that legendary unless I’m playing 2’s.

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Because it should be. Hope that helped.

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So 3 spell schools, 3 barriers, barrier healing conduit, a 15sec aoe disorient, and a spammable cc isn’t enough. You want alter time (something that your spec shouldn’t have) to be non-dispellable also?


Yes, defensives should not be dispellable. To balance, they should make fade, touch of karma, blur, cloak of shadows, etc. dispellable or buff alter time.

Susceptibility to dispels is a mage weakness. Not sure why that’s confusing.

Between all the CC and failsafes it has, there needs to be an opportunity for opponents to respond as well.

Dispellable Alter didnt stop the front page from being covered in Mages


Make astral shift dispellable too then lol

So you’re saying bop, priest shields, and numerous other defensive related abilities that are purgable should not be dispellable? Also bad comparisons to a lot of the other abilities you mentioned which melee dps use to avoid dmg. Fade is somewhat reasonable, but spriests aren’t as mobile as mages.

This would be the worst change for the class. You need to stop with these comparisons. Apples to oranges.

Alter Time is quite tricky to balance. Not only it is dispellable, but is also counterable - to reset back you need to pop its button again (it can be hard to live all 10 sec duration to reset back automatically, especially against classes like Ret), so enemies can just stun you at half health or interrupt on Arcane school to block this ability and kill you earlier than 10 sec duration expires.

However, there is other side of the coin - if not dispelled, disrupted and used at high health percentage, it is one of the best defensives in the game as it negates all damage done to Mage over several last seconds.

To sum up, I think a best solution would be a compromise - make Alter Time undispellable only for Arcane Mages (they even have it as a separate ability from Fire / Frost analogue that is unlocked much earlier, so shouldn’t be any problems for Blizzard to make such change only for Arcane), after all Fire Mages would still have Cauterize to failsafe dying without trigerring Alter Time back and Frost has 2 Ice Blocks that he can use even if gets CCed or locked on Arcane school (not Frost though, but that is a separate topic).


I wish the OPs post was dispellable.


Great idea!

Soon as you give shamans immunites/freedom from stuns/spammable CC etc etc

Mages have an answer to nearly every mechanic and mad that there’s one or 2 answers to theirs.

You wouldnt trade any one thing in your kit for a 40% wall unusable during stuns