Why I hate pvp in this game

All I want to do is run around the world, farm mounts, kill rares/world bosses, collect mats, etc and queue up for random pvp on all my toons.

‘Nothing stops you from doing that!’

Gear. Gear stops me from doing it.

I can hit max level and do all the above and queue up for normal dungeons. Those dungeons are scaled to my gear.

Random pvp is not scaled to my gear. It’s like jumping into a mythic 15 with fresh 60 gear.

Come on man. This is such a great game (minus the systems).

I just want to run around in the world and queue up for some good pvp without having to grind out gear.



Just queue into the 51-59 bracket. Your gear automatically becomes ilvl 129, the same as lvl 58 greens. No grinding honor or conquest required. Although you do need a lvl 51-59 friend or second account to do it :<

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At the very and I mean very least honor gear should be 7/7 at time of the purchase. It really needs to be like Wod with just two sets but a bandaid like that could help people like the op out by atleast giving him a 233 PvP il


Nah. 233 isn’t high enough. The smallest gap I would accept is 10 ilvls between the top geared players and my fresh 60.

I have 233 toons and it’s not enough.

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True, power gained PER point of il gain is rediculous so I can see why you would want 10 points or less in this current sh1tshow that is random bgs but even in a dream scenario where they do a Wod two sets style, I’m banking on them prob putting a 13 il difference between sets. Either way an improvement.

Just wait until 9.2 is out and brand new 60s with no legends jump in a bg with no legends…Inc accidently killing people with holy nova or other aoe I didn’t even see while looking for a stealthed guy.

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Yeah this is why I just PVP in the 51 bracket. It’s a lot more fun and it’s pretty active too. Turns out there’s a pretty good population of players just avoiding max level PVP because it’s just not fun at all.


its so much easier to log on and just join a bg instead of having to do all the chores at 60. that being said there is still a ton of complaining from leveling players about partysync 60’s. im taking upon myself to build a real 59 twink and show them partysync players aren’t that strong. im torn between dh tank or paladin tank.

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Why a tank though? Weird thing to twink for pvp

apparently stamina is the number one pvp stat now so ill be stacking that.

Its not that there super OP solo. Most of them are just bad players that cant compete in the 60 setting and want to ‘stomp’ people. So they party sync into the lowers. Its that their scaled to 58 with full gear and facing people 51-59 who may not be full gear.

23k hp vs 18-20K HP. Even if you outskill them they usually come out on top because of the gear. Pair that with the whole premade (4 60s and 1 x 51-59) and now you have a bunch of overgeared players dominating a bg.

I once joined 3 BGs against the same 5 man premade. I wispered them to quit it cause they are just not that good. They said for me to go “get f**”. So I invited all my glad and duelist friends and first BG we matched them and had them GY camped for the whole 20 mins of WSG. Its sad that I have to do that in order to compete against some of these losers. 1 60 mate sure… but a whole premade team? get lost


its closer to a level 56 the template is 129 ilvl. how is it any different than 5 level 56 players grouped up?
edit: isnt wsg 15 mins?

Absolutely not true at all. Some people who do not play this bracket frequently might think this. But I do. And I level all characters organically through this system. I do not downrank because I have no friends who enjoy PVP like I do.

I will say that there is a problem with people in fresh leveling gear from below 50 going into a BG. However even if you’re around 54 or so you can use a lot of the crafted stuff, and items gained from world quests and bonus objectives to be competitive. The gap is not nearly as large as it is at max level. 16k on the lower end vs 22k~ at the higher end is tough but not insurmountable. There’s definitely a powerspike once you get level 56 greens. It’s worlds different than 30k vs 50k with huge vers gaps between the two gear levels though. I’d much prefer it if it wasn’t the case at all, and that the gap was smaller or nonexistent. But it is a lot better than max level.

I play this bracket all the time. The gap is obvious. Stop posting on your only 51-59 bracket character to avoid the point your most likely one of the ones that party syncs.

I’m sorry you can’t “lol bad” people in the 60s because your not good enough or have no life etc etc, but it is that bad. 16k vs 23k is a big difference unless your playing an OP class. Which unless im mistaken your posting on a hunter. My hunter is 51 and still beating those stupid scrub 60s. I JUST shouldnt have to invite my buddies to compete vs 4 60 party syncers


the template is 58 if I RECALL correctly. Its not different. But where would you find that? No where. A bunch of bad pvpers at 60 who have normal gear wanting to “pwn” tho? EVERYWHERE. Its not my fault these 60s cant compete on their own level.

If it’s any consolation, it’s not anymore fun even with max gear if my team are mostly 30-40k players and the enemy team is full rival-duelist geared.


I’ve been doing exactly this since TBC 2007. In vanilla I was a noob and played max level like a chump.

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Keep in mind, to add to the suggested imbalance.
There is not a Healer cap, Premade vs Premade matchmaking system in place within the sub 60 brackets. Non existent.
Join a community(s) and see who is in queue and join the strong premade
(ideal meta comp) faction, instant win rate % increase.
With how easy it has become to instantly boost characters to 50, now 60. This makes for a plug and play, pay to win situation. No need to even gear up like we had to for all these years in the brackets either.

There is a nice opportunity to create an addon which can predict outcomes of Battlegrounds before the gates open. If the human eye can be 80-90% accurate, I am sure this add-on with multiple observations would really mock this games current matchmaking/gear disparities to a tee.
Lets be honest, how many games are actually good solid matches this patch?
Lopsided games create lots of unhappy customers, and breeds toxicity imo.
Every player who has left (afk) is not happy, and every player who joins games into a loss is in the same boat.
Not to mention how it feels to sit through one sided matches.
Seems like a lot of unhappy customers to me, which could actually be adjusted with a simple modicum of efficient matchmaking systems.
Unless of course, this is all working as intended.


Yeah, I said there’s a gap. And that it’s a problem. But it’s not as bad as max level.

Nice projection coping mechanism.

maybe you’re having trouble with them because it’s a premade and premades always beat out unorganized groups, this is not any different at any bracket. That being said I don’t really noticed a rampant problem with downrankers. I’ve seen a few obvious premades or couple of friends but that’s it.

For the first time in WOW history, there was not a decent amount of obtainable viable gear readily available in the early levels of this pre end game bracket. (BOEs etc) 51-59.
Look at Relic of the Past ilvls (low), it could have easily been done here with crafted gear/weapons etc. But no.
Players have to wait from 51+, (without jumping through hoops) until 56, 57 to jump into some solid viable greens. The majority before this (56,57) are just bantha fodder to the higher levels.
This is not a coincidence, on the developers final decisions imo.
It is designed as so, but why? Why would this design of gearing with obvious holes in progression via imbalances be designed as it is?

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I was playing my 39 hunter yesterday and there was a 60 in almost every match. I had more health than they did. I don’t see the problem with party syncing.