Why healers are rare

My general thumb of rule when I’m dpsing is: what is dead may never dps. That’s why I love playing rogue, I have a potion/spell that recovers 60% health every 30 seconds, just keep chugging.

Tanked a +3 workshop with my rogue, I barely need any attention from healer and told the healer to focus on other dps lol.


Very true. Same applies to players. Dead, you do no dps. :upside_down_face:

Is it safe to say that DPS who blame the healer for them dying too much to avoidable mechanics deal more drama-per-second than damage-per-second? XD

I’m not hating on DPS, as they’re just as important as the tank and healer in a 5-person party, but when I get spit on sometimes, I think their drama-per-second is higher, like in the 100ks.

In that situation i’d just say:

“I love you too, thanks.”

Then proceed to ignore their entire existence

I should totally do that next time i get spit on.

That’s not fair. I just find this one particular mentality very puzzling, and have never met anybody in any guild I’ve ever played in who expressed it. I’ve now been correctly, apparently.

I don’t mind as long as I only have to babysit one doofus. The tank is always my priority though, so if I have a newbie tank who isn’t really geared, the DPS who stands in the fire is going to get fried. Sorry. :woman_shrugging:

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neither are rare

It’s just you play Alliance

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There’s definitely a lot more DPS players than either tanks or healers on the Horde side, too.

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My healer toon is an alt and u know bfa=NO ALTS

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Healers job is to heal. I find it hard to believe that a healer will be chased away from the role because someone played poorly and made them have to… heal more?

It’s only really an issue if people start dying because of it and try to blame the healer.

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Can I just say, I like my groups’ healers and I try to look out for them. I use misdirect and traps to pull/keep stuff off them. Stay with them when everyone else runs off while their topping off their mana. And I do everything I can to not make them have to heal me more than necessary.

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I don’t play heals because wow has never had a UI that can make healing groups fun. Ever.


What addon? I’d like to get it.

Your post is great. Another thing about healers being rare is how everything in game is catered to dps enjoyment. Look at all of the corruptions. Static/stat ones benefit everyone but there are SEVERAL dps-proc ones. Why no healing ones? (I’d say why no tanking ones but I know nothing about tanks).

Blizz also makes pvp mana regen a nightmare for healers. Can you imagine if, as a dps, you run out of resource that lets you dps so you have to run out of combat, alone, drink something then run back? This used to not be an issue as healers could purposely make mana regen a strategic part of their gear and stats. But after doing away with mana regen stats and capping mana pools, here we are.

Point is, blizzard is also to blame for this, nor just players failing at mechanics. Blizzard makes it very hard for a healer to just have the basic tools to make their role more flavorful.

Literally only an issue because of dampening forcing spam-healing in Arena. And that’s for good reason.

It applies to battlegrounds as well.

I think there’s other ways they could achieve this dampening result without making healers just unable to play at all.

And to be clear it’s not the weakened heals or increased damage that I find the issue. It’s the nerfed mana regen. There comes a point where a healer can have no mana and just sits there or casts their free damage spell. (When do dps ever just become “unable to dps so they cast heals on the party until they are able to dps again?)

My reason is simple, I got tired of tanks that didn’t even try to use their defensives or know for example halls of lightning. Stay close to the boss (whole group) to minimize damage then run away for nova and back in quickly. There’s only so many “uber” tanks I could stand before I just said “oh hell with it I’ll stay dps”.


100%. I have actually filtered this into a new bar to see how much nonsense damage people take. If it gets too rough I let them die so I can focus on people that area actually trying to survive

Healer main, I don’t believe this is even CLOSE to a real issue.


a great post. We all need to appreciate healers more. If we die as dps to avoidable damage its our fault, not the healers.

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