Why haven't they nerfed corrupted gear

Any reason they haven’t nerfed the trait stacking that does… Uh… Well over 20% of their damage?

I’ve played probably 30 matches today and majority of them have players where their damage breakdown is Echoing Void, melee attacks, then some ability damage.

That’s not it though, they’ll also stack it with infinite stars and accidentally 1 shot someone if you’re running double DPS 2’s and can’t dispel the magic debuff in time.

It’s so fun and exciting to queue into people that literally hold down the S key and keyboard turn, but still have the ability to outright win games with zero counterplay because of passive abilities and gear that are stronger than active ones.

Really enjoying this season. Hotfix when?


they did this morning

Link patch notes, I haven’t seen a single nerf to it and I’m queueing into this right now.


did you ever end up getting glad on frost DK in season 7 of legion in one week?

you disappeared off forums after that claim


I’ve been here the whole time, what?

oh i guess im the one that disappeared, also it wont let me change characters back to my lock i used to post on. well did you do it ?

who is ur lock

zhulaa-deathwing oh its nick-antonidas now i forgot

I guess they didn’t nerf it enough because I just got mongo’d into the ground by DH/Unholy running “apparently” T3 Echoing Void traits that 100-0’d me.

Very cool, why can’t they just remove them from PvP entirely? This is easily the worst PvP season to date, and we already know the cause.

Edit: I forgot to mention the fact that the apparently balanced corrupted trait also cleaved my healer for 50% of his HP while it 1 shot me, and he wasn’t even near me. Very cool.


I guess you didn’t read it because they didn’t touch echoing fury. Those are % of max hp based, and don’t scale with AP/Atk


i didn’t i just heard about it then searched it, then copy pasted link. gg


The patch doesn’t actually start until next Tuesday, when the mythic raid is released.

No point in complaining or panicking until then.

nah we’re past a tuning patch

they wont make changes the day of or the day before mythic since it could throw all preparation out the window

what we have now is the next 9 months with the possibility of very minor “fixes” on specific outliers maYBE

You don’t think they’ll touch corruption again before Tuesday? I don’t expect any class changes, but I’d be surprised if corruption in its current state went into the raid release

Next BFA season: “Challenge accepted.”


I thought Blizzard usually does a tuning pass right before mythic raids open and maybe even a week or two after (when they have more data from live servers).

I thought this was one of the reasons limit lost the g’huun race, because they underestimated the hotfix nerfs implemented after the first week of mythic

I have a feeling the tuning of numbers will be between stars and void without concern for pvp balance - only concerned with closing the gap between the two.

I can’t realistically see them going forward with the current state of these.

They seem to be a little more attentive, even if it is targeted at PVE.

It would be terrible for these passive traits to define pvp for a season. some passive traits are ok, these are overtuned

I think what most people would prefer is this kind of pace but more power returned to the class’s skills instead of the hundreds of minor passive damage sources