Why have three spec?! Combine them!

In my moments of madness i’m thinking about mage being one spec now and giving them a mega tree but they get more points to compensate. So you can build your ULTIMATE MAGE.

I was watching random videos and i saw Getter Robo and Shin Getter Robo and one amazing thing it can do is shift modes between all around mode to speed mode and then strong mode. Getter 1! Getter 2! Getter 3!

I don’t know I think I ate to many mana gems some mage has been giving me. clicky clacks them together

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I’ll mostly say that we have three specs because every class had three specs once upon a time. It does give us three quite different ways to deal damage. Frost is all about control and responding to procs so that we can throw plenty of instant casts around. Fire is about building and spreading damage over time through Ignite. Arcane is partially about mana management and partially about stacking short-term damage buffs to deal damage in a short window of time. We don’t heal or tank, so dealing damage in three different flavors is what we do.

Oh i know.
I’m being silly mostly if you couldn’t tell. Still a bit manic.

But as for them doing damage they way they do they are a little too generic compared to other classes and while that is good they are stuck to hard with cookie cutter instead of being able to build how you want. Look at marksman. I can either do large hits here and there with an aimed shot build or constant with rapid fire and barrage. you have flavors in ONE spec out of Three so why does mage have to suffer being an NPC class?

I actually have advocated for frost and fire to be merged together in the past. Frostfire Bolt was an awesome spell back in Wrath of the Lich King that I would enjoy seeing again.


Indeed. Being able to tip one side or the other or balance the scales would be perfect. Frostfire bolt would be your main attack and you can choose a capstone on either side that change it to a fire or frost only attack. Like how Crusading Strikes and Templar Strikes replace Crusader Strike. They should really put some thought into this class as you have all these heroic mages left and right and you’re right there doing the same attacks as NPCs.

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keep magic schools separate!

if you want a mish mash ele caster, play a Shaman!

I think you looked at my post too hard or you glazed over the title and thought i was being serious.

Slooow dooown, Life is to be savored.