Why has nobody in beta complained about SI?

Mindblast procs now once again interrupting our channels is such a bad change. A huge part of our play now involves Mindflay:Insanity, and that can be interrupted by using the procs to not overcap…

The change to mind sear will also be horrible to farm old raids for tmog runs…

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dont worry cause mind spike is better than flay

Casting while channeling flay was almost universally reviled. Removing the ability to do so causes no problems.

You now have holy nova for transmog farming.


Reviled by whom? The people who enjoy interrupting their channels?

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The people who do not want to feel impelled to commence a mind flay channel before consuming a proc because DPS has been tuned under the assumption that you will.


But the procs happen during a mindflay channel anyways and they happen often enough that you can overcap during a single channel.

This is seriously reading like troll bait. The spec isn’t even tuned yet.

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Lets make a trade. You can have the ability to cast nightfall shadow bolt procs while channeling and shadow will take malefic Rapture. Sound good?


People don’t want more reasons to have to be standing still channeling mind flay. Bliz already seem to be trying to make flay relevant and every time they do it just welds us to the floor.


OH NO! They are trying to make a core spell impactful. How terrible…

I may not be a “top tier” player but I like to see Blizzard making the option for what would be a lackluster spell a more fun button to press. Good job Blizzard.

Mind Flay go BRRRR.

Mind Flay: Insanity has you covered then.


But you are going to be casting mindflay one way or another. You won’t always have mindblast off cooldown or void torrent or voidform or shadow crash.

What are you going to cast then? Mindflay. And what happens when you get a proc? You either finish the channel and risk munching the proc or interrupt your Mindflay:Insanity channel, lose damage and insanity to not munch a proc.

Either way it’s a loss of damage for a pointless change, and people are justifying it out of spite for Mindflay. In which case, why not take Mind Spike if you hate Mindflay so much?

Why would I want to take affliction, a disaster of a spec after Blizzard slaughtered it out of vengeance for its performance in Legion, and port over defects in shadow that were previously fixed and then undone in DF beta?


The reason people hate cast-while-channeling is not because people hate Mind Flay. It is because it is anti-fun having the highest damage option to use an instant cast spell while standing still. Those spells are meant for movement.

I’m not in disagreement that Mind Flay: Insanity isn’t perfect with having the possibility of proc munching. But I would much rather have a (insignificant) chance of proc munching and thus losing out on damage instead of always losing out on damage if I decide to use the instant cast proc to move.

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But that’s an issue with shadow priest’s lack of movement tools. That’s like saying Fire mage’s fire blast should not be usable while casting fireball, because it’s an instant cast to be used for mobility.

The obvious fix would have been to give voidform X seconds of movement while casting like Spiritwalker’s Grace or some other spell to fill that function so our high damage moments aren’t screwed by movement.

Either way, shadow will be seriously handicapped by movement, either with the cast while channel or not.


These are not comparable because 1) Fire Blast mid cast is literally core to the spec’s mechanic functioning. 2) They have Shimmer.

We weren’t handicapped by movement during the Voidform era of Shadow when we were able to use Void Bolt every third cast. More instant casts is more movement. Anyone advocating for cast-while-channeling is advocating for Shadow having less mobility options.

Even with voidbolt every 3rd cast you were seriously handicapped next to classes with dashes or cast while moving for 10+ sec mechanics. Outside maybe destruction warlock, shadow priest is the least mobile caster in the game. Now it’s just gotten worse. Having an extra GCD of instant cast for movement is like trying to block out the sun with your finger.

Shadow should be getting either cast while moving mechanisms like Hover and SWG from shaman or teleports/dashes. Putting and Instant door of shadows on a 30 sec cd would hardly break the spec.


Bruh. Mind Spike build has near-endless amounts of instant casts. Mobility is not a problem for spriest in current build. The only thing it lacks is a movement cooldown.

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I didnt think of this and god do i hate this so much.

Can’t you just talent out of the insta procs, or wait till your channel is done?

Spec into Holy Nova

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Right… That spell is forgettable but its much better without the need to channel.