Why has Blizzard been so quiet about the reduction in XP required per level?


This is a large and highly demanded change that I’d expect to change the outlook of the patch entirely. However, opinions of the patch are still low, because barely anybody actually knows about this change.

For the uninformed, the experience required for select levels 1-110 is being reduced by up to 40%! Furthermore, the warfront currency vendors also sell an account-bound experience potion that will be great for powerleveling.


Lots of people know about this change, it’s great. Good job, Blizzard.

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(Melithiria) #4

Perhaps because the players have been loud about it.

For me, it was one of the first changes I heard about 8.1.

(Scuzz) #5

“Enjoy playing our game up to 40% less” can be a hard thing to spin properly.


An increased leveling speed has been in demand since before BfA dropped. Is there really no pleasing WoW players?

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Alt-aholics keep on paying subs so there is the good spin.

Less painful levelling will have many say one more block of time. TBH I will buy another block of time as mine ends end-ish December. It be the void elf and nightborne to level who’d be a big reason why.

Unless PTR held back a lot of content for story chasing casual like me who don’t live for running the same dungeons 50 times a piece, most of what I need from 8.1 could be run and done before sub’s end.

No easier alting…dropping sub and coming back 8.2/8.3 was looking good as a back up plan.

Blizzard I will give credit here…they did something good. Allied heritage chasers can’t buy boosts. But…many are not liking the grind leading to game fade as people let subs lapse. Now if like me, they get more sub money. Nice play that imo.

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Meh, Give me Steam Warrior Tinkers and I’ll sing Blizzard’s praises.

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Will that experience buff even stack with heirlooms? Not that I really care about leveling fast to be completely honest. I just want the mess that is 60-80 to be, less tedious than it currently is.

(Kaznarok) #10

Is it really that bad? (My Nightborne Mage is 59)

(Yayayayayaya) #11

Right now it can be. I would wait until Tuesday. Levels 60-80 are getting 40% XP reductions.

(Vihoh) #12

Because they’re quiet about everything? They officially left news, information and notes about their game to 3rd party sources a long time ago.

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They mentioned it. They just aren’t focussing on it. Maybe they should be? I don’t understand Marketing (which is who decides what they emphasize in publicity).

I will say I welcome this change, as post 8.1 is when I’ll be leveling my Void Elf Warlock from scratch, and it’s nice to know it won’t be as slow as it could be.

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It’s not that bad. If you’ve played through 60-80 on a lot of characters throughout the years you will probably not enjoy it as much. Back before 7.3.5 mobs would die quick, dungeons would be over quite fast so you flew past 60-80. Then 7.3.5 happened.

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Back before 7.3.5 mobs would die quick, dungeons would be over quite fast so you flew past 60-80. Then 7.3.5 happened.

And then BFA happened and you had over 100 levels of old, rehashed, broken buggy levels with a talent tree that had been pruned with a chainsaw.

(Kwashiorkor) #16

LOL pruned with a chainsaw. That’s how it feels, you’re not wrong about that.


It’s just a way to keep people playing. 8.1 has a lack of real content, so they are going to be all like LEVEL AN ALT.