Why exactly can't I transfer my characters to Grob?

Eranikus is my only choice for Wrath? What the… I don’t have any characters on that server, all my characters are on Grob.

What gives? This limitation is beyond stupid. So my SoM characters either get to rot on Eranikus or collect dust on Whitemane Classic Era, which is just underneath Door Nail on the “How Dead Is It” scale. Truly a spectacular pair of choices, I am so glad to know that Blizzard has decided that all my time in SoM should be a complete waste.

Excellent, bravo, fantastic decision all around. Give everyone involved with crippling our choices a raise, this is truly a player forward decision. Thank you so much for thinking about, well, nothing I guess. Not sure who is benefitting from this room temp IQ transfer plan, but it appears to be no one.

Keep up the dismal work! I’m glad you guys are good at something.


The current plan is here:

However I too still have questions about the locked servers.
It isn’t clear to me that SoM characters will actually get to bypass the lock so I have questioned that in a different thread.

“So now my question is does this mean that realms that are locked now are planning to be unlocked by the time SoM transfers are enabled? Or will those locked realms still be unable to receive transfers? Because if you are allowing SoM characters to bypass locks this is extremely unfair to those on the locked servers that want to get all of their characters currently in Wrath consolidated on their main/locked server.”

Interesting, glad it was changed to something that isn’t completely braindead. Although I wonder what’s going to happen to the people who already transferred… probably just be hosed?

As for the locked realm issue, I suspect transfers to the locked realms will be available to those who have characters on those servers already. Otherwise it would just be a way to unlock the locked realms for everyone.

be unable to make character on locked realm > make SoM character > transfer SoM character to locked realm > now have a character on locked realm > freely create additional characters on locked realm

I honestly doubt they would implement a locked realm workaround like that. It would make the entire idea of the lock pointless.

You’ve elaborated on my concern and I appreciate that.
I was trying to be diplomatic and tiptoe around the workaround.
I’m hoping that Blizz either clarifies or makes sure the loophole is shut.

This entire realm lock thing is just a nightmare at this point for a lot of people – including myself. I’m close to letting my sub slide and calling it on WoW all together until something changes.