Why don't the attendants in Oribos remember Zovaal?

I hate to be “that guy” but I think, once again, we’re all putting WAY much more thought into this than Blizz did. Restored Zovaal looks like a Super Lich King because that’s what he was always designed to be from Blizz’s point of view. The guy who was behind the Lich King and inspired the Icecrown aesthetic from his own evil tower of death.

Same as the soul funnel in Oribos: there’s no reason for that big empty space in the middle to exist. It’s supposed to be extraordinarily rare for the Arbiter to send a soul straight to the Maw and bypass an attempt at redemption in Revendreth. So for as long as the Arbiter has existed, that’s just been an empty, yawning chasm in the middle of the city. The reason it’s there is because Blizz thought it’d be cool to see all the souls flowing through it for the player, so they designed the city around it without thinking about the smaller details.


But all the “raw anima” constructs elsewhere do in fact match the aesthetics of the zone.

I’m not. The entire tower seems to have been made with Domination magic. Ergo was made by the Primus.

The entire tower is Zovaal’s prison created by the Primus.


It’s all meaningless because they’re willing to pivot and retcon between patches, eg the Stonewright crap

The lore has been made entirely subject to the gameplay, leading to Kel’Thuzad’s lore being bent and broken for the sake of including him in a raid (Because of MUH RAID TIER CONTENT), permanently destroying his character and also permanently killing him in the narrative.

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Right but it matches Zovaal’s aesthetics, as he made everything there in his own image.

There’s nothing to support that conclusion.
And Domination magic is now controlled by the Jailer and everything in the Maw and Torghast is shaped by his will.

So, unless Zovaal looked completely different before his power was striped from him (not impossible but doubtful) and regaining it allowed him to remade himself in his new imagine or the that aesthetic has always been his and the Torghast was his to begin with, which makes more sense.

The problem is, a major plot point was made of Zovaal having been building his Mawsworn army by harvesting the designs from the Primus/Runecarver’s memories. Not only is the Helm of Domination in particular of that design, but as Runecarver the Primus shows us how to make Legendary armor empowered with his memories, and it all shares that aesthetic.

Had Zovaal already possessed that aesthetic, he’d not have needed to extract those memories to create it. The design is baked into the Runecarver’s Legendary designs as well, and is tied directly to objects of Domination, also drawn from him. It’s been repeatedly iterated by now that Domination magic and the associated “Icecrown” look come from the Primus, and that aesthetic is shared by Torghast.

Something to perhaps keep in mind is that Torghast may not have always been Torghast. Its form is mutable, and that form is currently under Zovaal’s control. But it might not have always been, as another major story point is that Zovaal achieved his (until 9.1.5, still Maw-limited) freedom of movement by gaining control of the means by which he’d been imprisoned. That could include the tower itself. Part and parcel of confining Zovaal could have included needing to subjugate and transform his own domain - Torghast (or whatever it might have previously been called) - along with him, and so mastering Domination magic could have also granted him control over the tower as he gained control over the literal chains that held him fast.

I.e. Torghast could look the way it does now because it was turned into that in order to make it his prison, just as Zovaal himself was reshaped by the Primus etching runes of Domination into his flesh. It could even be that the tower’s form always reflected its master’s will, and when Zovaal’s will was in turn shackled by the power of Domination, Torghast changed form to reflect that as one more layer of “chains” that would alter its form to foil any attempts at entry or escape. So as long as Zovaal was entrapped, so too would Torghast remain his inescapable prison, but as soon as he was no longer chained, the very shape and function of the tower-made-prison became his to command.

An Arbiter - as he used to be - wouldn’t really need his home to be an ever-changing prison around him, but an overthrown Arbiter who needed to be imprisoned indefinitely (along with any souls who’d perhaps fought for him and might otherwise try to break out and facilitate their master’s escape) could. Just the fact that the tower changes its shape to confound ready navigation and escape falls in line with the idea that it was either created or significantly modified to serve as part of Zovaal’s confinement, which likely accounts for the inclusion of its “Helm of Domination” look.

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Except there’s nothing in the plot that suggests that’s true. Nothing says Zovaal’s Mawsworn is designed by the Primus/Runcarvers memories.
I mean, the earliest memory we see of them both together is in Torghast in all it’s Mawsworn inspired glory.

This really depends on when the Jailer actually captured the Primus and how long he had him before pulling his memories from him, but I’m inclined to say he was master of Torghast for a great deal longer then he had the Primus in his possession.

Zovaal himself says it during that memory.

“Countless secrets extracted. Insidious designs forged into weapons for my armies.”

He’d already been breaking the Primus and extracting those designs from him for some time before that memory, and what we see is him finally ripping out the Primus’ “grandest design,” which turned out to be the specifications for Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination.

He’d already been systematically harvesting the designs for his armies by that point. Armies that are themselves the forged weapons. Every soldier in his army is “designed” by way of forging them from the souls being sent to the Maw. From their twisted forms, to the armor containing them to the blades and other implements they brandish.

And before setting him free (technically even after, for gameplay purposes) we run around collecting the Primus’ wayward memories - all of which share the same design aesthetic as Torghast, Frostmourne and the Helm, and all of which are empowered by the Domination rune magic that suffuses those three things.