Why don't people like new portal room?

(Tarc) #66

So I put in the work to acquire something (rep with KoT to use the Shattrath NPC), and you do not.

Why do you think you deserve something that I now have that you do not have, if you did not put in the same amount of effort?

That practically shrieks entitlement, with a dash of Cultural Marxism.

(Killyyx) #67

I don’t like that have to run for 50 yards before I can mount.

(Inviscerate) #68

Because it wasn’t needed.

Instead of making the world “feel fuller” they closed it off.

But anything to please the fat sweaty suit investors to get that “time played metric” they love so much.


I’m really getting tired of people saying, “Pay a mage”. No, this is not a more convenient solution.

Finding a mage (when you aren’t playing one). Grouping up, opening trade to tip them (does that even work in the era of CRZ?)… trusting them to not troll you which has happened to me thank you very much…

Not happening.

(Hahahahahaha) #70

Do all Orgrimmar teleports still go to the Cleft of Shadow, on the far side of the city from the hidden front gate teleport room?

If so, 99% of Horde players probably don’t know it exists.

(Empathetic) #71

yeah I like it.

(Allaura) #72

They didn’t make the world seem bigger. They just pissed a bunch of people off by making them fly out of their way to get to the same thing!

I am totally ok with shutting down repeat portals. But if you make a new one…you leave it IN. You did it now live with it. No more dumb takesi backsies.

(Raabititus) #73

Its not the remake people are pissed about. It looks good, it is an improvement.

But when you remove every other portal, from xpacs past with no SOLID reasoning, coupled with the destination of one of the quest chains that dropped at the same time, was a portal removed…

Yea, I can see Ion giving us the finger from Florida.
Back at cha papa, right back at cha.


just let them get used to it they wont be mad anymore

(Syward) #75

I really actually like the new portal room and the animations/visuals of the portals.

What I absolutely HATE is the removal of the Caverns of Time and Dalaran Crater portals and to a lesser extent, the Karazhan portal.

(Abendroth) #76

Most complains come from repetitions. They say they farm the raids/dungeons what not with multiples alts (which is their playstyle).

The small 3-4 minutes you add to traveling adds up the more alts you’re using.

Oh and i already recommended they just park the alts in CoT to avoid traveling back and fro but they said they wanted to farm other spots and not just CoT.

I just can’t help but wonder how they have time to do it all, even when the portals were still up. I was struggling doing 1 guy multiple raids, let alone multiple alts…


The portal room was a good idea but it:

A) Is missing a lot of needed portals.
B) Caused the removal of portals that should have been left alone.
C) Gave us stupid portal locations to Pandaria and Broken Isles.

As others have said, we lost far more than we gained.

Oh, and of all the things going on with the game, were portal changes really necessary? Like even in the Top-100-for-things-that-need-addressed necessary?

(Peppermint) #78

I’d like it better if it still had some of the portals that have been in the game longer than they haven’t, like Caverns of Time. It was in the game for 10 of WoW’s 14 years but suddenly now it’s ‘making the world smaller’ and needs to go. Also, I’d like it better if it wasn’t so dark in there that I can barely even see it.

(Ifrzu) #79

I was joking. Was a throwback, that’s what everyone used to do.

(Orsobovus) #80

Sure we believe you.

(Peppermint) #81

Caverns of Time portal has been part of the game longer than most of the people still playing.


Find another joke, this one is overused.


I like the room itself. What I don’t like is having the other options taken away. Why can’t we just have all the old options along with the new one?

(Ifrzu) #84

Wow take a chill pill dude. Don’t come to the forums until you can collect yourself emotionally

(Neocleo) #85

At first, the idea turned me off but after seeing and using it. I’m sold. So far, it has seemed better and it looks amazing.