Why does it feel like Blizzard is killing WoW

I just realized I posted in classic general, I’ve moved this post

Classic is doing well right now. Can’t say the same about BFA. Wait what forums am I in right now?

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It doesn’t feel like that at all.

Classic doesn’t have artifacts, essences, azerite powers, time gated corruption resistance, and PVP toggling/Cross Realm Zone. So I understand why it is doing well.

For me personally, Classic is a little clunky and feels like they had a lot of things to smooth out, which is expected in any game franchise the first “expansion”.

I’m thinking I will enjoy the Burning Crusade version whenever they release it. If they are unable to bring back life to the current expansions.

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Wanna see where is everybody is at in WoW ? Be on the classic Atiesh server little before 5:30 PM pacific time. Horde side, in Orgimaar. And witness what you have been missing in WoW. It happens everyday when peeps wait for the Dragons Slayer buff.

Honestly man, I cant take anyone serious for blaming Blizzard for classic WoW.

The players who min/max and boost are the ones ruining Classic WoW. You want blizzard to play parent and fix things when they dont have to.

When the game was announced people pushed hard for no changes. Not just a few people the majority of people always mentioned no changes. Then you get a few people that blame blizzard instead of the community

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Honestly blizz needs to patch fly and teleport hacks.

The game isn’t perfect. Players have problems in the game.

Some players blame every problem and every imperfection on Blizzard, “as if” Blizzard could make everything perfect but doesn’t. Of course that is pure fantasy, but some players believe it.

Those are the people saying Blizzard is killing WoW.

oh they’re doing bad in retail huh? im not suprised