Why does feral feel so weak?

Just dusted off my druid and for some reason, the feral spec feels so weak. It’s not as fun to play as i remember, but maybe i am misremembering…

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I’m not a feral expert. I still think its fun to play, but it is weak. if Fun = big numbers, then you are right.

But part of what you are missing (if you are 56 still) are the leggos and conduits. Those really do start to help. Numbers are never really there, but it does get smoother with the right combinations of leggos and talents. For instance, when I am doing world stuff, I’ll run Omen plus cat’s eye curio for more starting energy and smoother rotation. if I’m doing 5 mans, I typically swap to frenzyband and swap out of omen for blood talons.

I also recommend trying primal wrath + guardian affinity while leveling. Makes doing AoE stuff so much easier, and if you pull too much, Guardian + swipe + regen will save you.

Most other classes dont feel that weak leveling.

The problem is worse on druids imo.

My fury/svhunter/ww monk/Ret pal/etc were un-frickin-stopable

Really? I felt like a wet noodle when leveling my WW.

I’m not disagreeing they are weak, just that it does get a bit better from a playstyle viewpoint at the end.

I had the opposite experience. Leveling I felt really strong and then in m+ I felt sad.

I feel the same, leveling was great, once 60 hits then it’s a little bit of a slog. about ilvl 250 or so I started to feel better in the over world. My alts Druids do feel weaker than some of my others.

Yeah not sure about that, feral was easily the fastest thing I leveled, mostly due to movement speed. Also wasn’t a glass cannon.

M+ it requires a bit more preplanned thought however.

Had no issues on feral personally, and with the many utilities of a druid it was generally a very fast experience. I’m finding elemental to be quite the slog during leveling/world content… But then I’ve kind of always found elemental to feel sluggish during leveling.

The legendarys add a lot of fun and strength, and the 4 piece too

I really dread feral losing the stuff that’s propping it up…again.
But the druid DF tree is bad enough right now that I will probably just play another class.

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Yup, already started. Hopefully I’m surprised and can change back for DF.

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Because Feral is weak and a very poorly designed spec.

It’s just a pile of bandaids at this point and I don’t think it’s going to get the attention from Blizzard it requires until it is literally unplayed.

Was flying through mythic 0s last night for weekly quest on my alt(new main) DH. My god, more damage, instantly, better mobility for sure, with way less effort, group buff, 2 stuns,
I’m not saying make Feral into DH at all, but all Feral sees is punishment for it’s complexity.


You’re not, its kinda lame now.

Yep, I just started leveling my DW Frost DK. Its still only lvl 51 and it feels like he hits like a truck. My max level druid still feels a bit lame. I think its mostly because while doing world content you DOT something up then just wait around for it to die.

Another day, another round of updates to several other classes, and not a word for druids.


The WHOLE expansion leaving feral with limp noodle aoe damage in m+ was truly awful. Literally seething and coping watching survival and destro dps.