Why do you raid?

To ask why we raid…is to ask why the leaves fall. It is in their nature. Perhaps, there is a better question. Why do we raid? To protect home, and family…to preserve balance, and bring harmony. For my kind, the true question is: what is worth raiding for?


Master Lorewalker Cho is that you? Bows Gracefully

When I did raid it was because I wanted to down the hardest bosses in the game, and push myself to be the best I could be. The fights were epic. My fellow raiders were equally epic.

For a while I enjoyed the dynamics of leading a raid, and teaching players new content.

After that…I dip my toes in when my guild needs an extra warm body, and complete my lore quests in LFR.

it used to be about the gear and all, but now it’s mostly just for the comradery.

I only raid for the story; I could care less about the gear. So, I pretty much just do LFR. I don’t really have any friends in the game so I play solo.

I raid to spend time with my friends who I don’t get to often see face-to-face because they live in different corners of the world.

I raid to make memories with them. We have shared experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I really like how story-driven raiding is – for my friends who roleplay their characters to various degrees, it’s so fun to see them interacting with the NPCs and bosses and rewards.


If people are roleplaying in your raids, I want in! Unless you’re filthy Alliance, than I will gladly roleplay over their corpses as I evict them from our city.


Wait what? Roleplaying in raids? That’s awesome really sets the feeling that you are immersed and really adds to the atmosphere.

This is why I used to Raid. Haven’t really found a new group since Cataclysm when my previous Raid Group from BC through Cataclysm dispersed or quit.

Now I wait until I can solo the raid and gather appearances and battle pets (haven’t had a mount drop since Kharazan was current.)

For chicken mostly:


I do it for the story, for the fun of interesting encounters, and for the potential transmogs. So far I’m purely a LFR user because my guild raids too late at night for me, so getting gear upgrades almost never happens unless something titanforges.

Now legacy content, that’s either just to have fun with friends or I happen to be on a completionist bender.

I raid and do like content because it’s the closest I can get to the Dungeons and Dragons experience, without needing a set of dice, a character sheet and just my imagination, along with good friends. This is as close to THAT experience, with actual imagery and animations that I’ve been able to get.

No matter what, this game at its core is based on D&D. You even get the Die rolls… although I have to say I’ve never seen more failed Saving Throws than in this game!

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Although the story in BoD was SO well done - it was an insane bonus. I greatly appreciated it, but don’t need it for me to do the content.

I couldn’t care about the gear in terms of #'s (ilvl). As long as I can get the tools (gear) I need to progress, I’m happy.

As crappy as I find this expansion I still like raiding. Or I would, but almost everyone I raided with quit the game because they hate this expansion. So, I rarely play at all anymore, because what’s the point of gearing up.

Multiple reasons. For me I would say mostly because its a nice way to play as a group with my guild and be social for a while. Gear is obviously a motivating factor (not much transmog value in this expansion) but it is a good way to improve your iLvL.

Learning the story and experiencing the content/mechanics is fun the first time you to it. It feels nice to defeat a difficult encounter and finally mastering the content.

I hear you. The game used to be that for me, too. But now I am hoping to get back into D&D again.

I love content that requires people working together as a team to overcome. At the moment, I don’t have a guild capable of running raids on a regular basis, but I don’t mind PuGs if necessary.

I raid with my guild and treat it like a social event. We all have fun and goof off. If I get loot that is the cherry on top.

Because it’s fun and I’ve been raiding with the same people since Wrath.

It’s also the one area of the game that pretty much always delivers. DS is really the only raid I can think of that was a let down.

I do it for the challenge and satisfaction of accomplishing something as a team.

Getting gear from a raid is nice but any “thrill” I get from a great drop is insignificant compared to everything else. If raiding was only about the gear to me, I would definitely move on to another game.

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