Why do you guys think blizzard is so incompetent?

This is something ive been pondering as of late as i enjoy other games and only login for my weekly 10m Ulduar run. I think about it a lot and have really tried to come up with a reason as to why blizzard is so incompetent at getting classic wotlk right.

There has been universal demands for dungeon finder from every social media and streaming platform. It would be an incredible addition to the game and would ONLY benefit it. But for some reason blizzard absolutely will not hear it. They have this illusion in their head that there is a classic community to preserve. A classic ‘experience’ to preserve. There is no community. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a community on a mega server. It was somewhat plausible in 2019 classic. Those days are long gone. Blizzard holds on to the success of vanilla classic at the HUGE detriment to the current game.

Im going to harp on this subject some more because we can see the lack of motivation to make new alts due to lack of dungeon finder. Guilds are already imploding from the roster boss. My 25m guild died. There is simply nothing fun to do. It is not FUN to make dungeon groups. It is not FUN to do BGs against 6 dk bots.

They randomly nerfed Unholy DK for no reason at all, and dont nerf the other strong dps classes even though they snapshot as well. Again, no logical reason other than they were tired of seeing so many Unholy DK’s. They only buffed Ret paladins. But they dont nerf warlocks or buff warriors. They have no direction. No bearings. Its like they just scroll through warcraft logs and saw that Unh dk was one of the most played specs in naxx and said hey! Lets nerf that because we want to see more shadow priests and rets in the game.

They take far too long to do anything about bots. They allegedly banned 120k bots recently. That did nothing. Queue into any bg right now, on any character (especially below 80) and you will see 5 dk bots minimum all running together in the same path. Why arent they agressively banning bots daily? Weekly? Will they go silent for the next 3 months again? What are they doing?

These are only a few problems which stand out to me. I cant figure out where the incompetence comes from. Why arent these demands from the playerbase fulfilled? Why are they so slow on every aspect of the game like making changes, answering tickets, responding to feedback etc?

Ill end with this. The previous lead dev for classic wow left the wow classic team because he said that (allegedly) blizzard was making him give his staff a lower performance review than he thought was fair. But i really think blizzard was dead right about demanding lower performance reviews.


i am not sure about “thinking”. you just copied every other average post in the forum. as to if blizzard is incompetent, I think they are doing fine by having the most successful series out there


Their team was gutted, wasn’t it?
I’d wager that their cost-cutting measures are why they have so many issues in the game.

I don’t know that I’d say incompetent… but I do have serious questions as to the priority they give WoW Classic. Obviously people love it, but a lot of things have gone unaddressed for a really long time that it’s concerning. Even just a check in to say “We’re aware of this and not sure what we want to do yet.” would be nice.

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Found your problem…,yw.

I don’t think it has anything to do with competence. It’s just that they refuse to allocate any real resources to this project.

They release Classic, every once in a while throw in a fix or two, or a ban wave. Then they ignore it again for months. Classic is their passive income.

The lack of RDF has nothing to do with demand one way or another. They just don’t want to allocate resources to make it work.

Personally, my account expires in 4 days, I’ve already uninstalled and won’t be reupping. I keep coming here hoping for good news, but it’s not coming, and there are better games to play.


Blizzard is good at some thing and bad at others.

They are not great at coding or customer service.

They are good at story telling and capturing the hearts of the customers.

Unfortunately they lack competition and have become complacent. If they don’t get back to their roots and start listening to their customers Blizzard will be the next Sears or Kmart.


Because it has been 7 months now and Wild Growth is still broken (prioritizes pets over injured players)

also customer service is nonexistent

also they are doing nothing to stop bots, a ban wave every 2-3 months does not stop them in the slightest


The real talent moves on (or is fired) and is replaced with blu-hairs and redditors.

you can be madonline, but you cant offer a better explanation [whoever you are] :ok_hand:


On points:

  1. No, RDF is bad for this game. And it was the best decision by blizzard to take it out of classic.
  2. As much as I do believe UH totally deserved the nerf, I do admit it was a mistake. Touching class design, opened a can of worms that should have remained sealed n untouched for classic.
  3. Unfortunately the values of acitivision are different from Blizzard. And unfortunately they bought Blizzard.

At this point, I’m starting to think they couldn’t get the original RDF to work with the current client, so they stripped it out and gave us the “community” bs.


There is nothing to ponder. They massage the proverbial corporate/stock holder genitals while screwing over the players. Mean time they pat themselves on the back with false grandeur because they made a new purchasable item in their shop. I miss Blizzard being what they originally stood for and produced. They should have released content as it was with no changes to get us to actually relive what we experienced. With that, there would still be cry babies, but at least it would be authentic and true to being “classic”. Blizz screwed the pooch.


Blizzard has captured the market with some extremely successful IPs that they’re milking for maximum quarterly profit. It’s the excesses of capitalist greed in the flesh. In the grand scheme of things their sins are far fewer than many other corporations, but it’s really a shame what’s happened to such a legendary company.


In before Misanthra.


Some of that may be higher up stuff going they don’t make enough money…funding denied.

which, imo, was a self made problem.

no unlimited boosts. people boost in retail where its 2 weeks if that to level cap. i with a life can get it done in 1. there is the one day I tell the family it’s me time for a few extra hours lol. the chauffeur needs a day off kind of thing.

no linked account transfer (an actual wrath feature iirc). People would jsut make a boosty and move it at the end of the month. yes, we/they would. that would get team classic some positive cash flow.

No…RAF (another money maker from Wrath the first time). hard to sell bringing a friend in lacking bene’s like 300% exp and final rewards if both at the end did properly level. I don’t even know why this dropped. probably to prevent people dual accounting and 300% dual boxing.

they could do more…if they made money the tl;dr. they opted not to.

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Problem seems to be you.
Game is fine for me, if it’s not for you. Play a different version or a different game.

This is what happens when you hire for diversity and not people actually qualified for the job.


Bro what is that cringey quote?

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I think many of their failures the last few years are from not listening to their players, in both retail and classic. You have people who’ve essentially dedicated their lives to these games, they make a living from it, and they provide huge amounts of feedback only to be ignored. It’s almost like the ones who run Blizzard are too arrogant to listen to feedback, like they can’t admit their ideas might not be good.

And yes lack of funding is no doubt part of it for classic, retail is their main focus. The funny thing is with classic we weren’t really asking for much development, we just wanted the game as it was warts and all. It’s the extra stuff they’ve added, or haven’t added, that has seemed to cause all the uproar.


I think they just don’t really care about putting out as quality product. Unfortunately noone has really put out an MMO that can challenge WoW yet so they can get by being complacent and just doing whatever they want.

As soon as someone puts out a product that’s good enough to actually be competition for WoW blizzard will be in for a shock.