Why do we need two games?

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What the forums really need is one avatar per bnet account.
Posts like this highlight why.


Because if BLZ doesn’t do official classic people will do private server anyway :slight_smile:
This is all about making $$$.


“Awesome content”



Hm, not an awful idea, maybe it does. I don’t know if that would help in my case though. I don’t have an active account, and can ONLY post on the classic forums as far as I can tell. My main posting toon, Skarm, an Orc hunter, still only has a grand total of 11 posts since the revamp. I switched to my druid here to post in the ‘druid-only guild’ thread as he was once a member of just such a guild.


Private servers get whats coming to them, I for one would gladly pay blizzard for wow classic if there was an option to buy the game at box cost and not have to deal with the sub fee.

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Because the live version is garbage, that’s my answer.


Because two is better than one,
And extra is double the fun :smiley:

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Classic and Retail will be two distinct game for the same reason there are MOBAS and RTS.
The target audiences are very different; the expectations, playstyle differ. People who tend to stick with Retail most likely liked most of the changes brought to the game while those, like me, who stopped are no longer interested in the game.

You could bring back some elements of Vanilla into the game; it would still not interest me. The cataclysm, the pandarens, the Demon Hunter are three of the many things that can’t be changed anymore that I profoundly dislike. (I tried Legion and honestly, I utterly disliked it).
They actually tried to revert to some of the Vanilla elements with slower XP, more trash mobs in Dungeons to make them longer and add an illusion of the need of CC (although they missed completely the point) and the current audience profoundly dislike these.


This trolling attempt gets an F+

At least you put your name on your paper.

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Here’s the thing. I play on a pserver right now. Most pserver players are EU. The servers are located in EU. So your ping isn’t as great. The server crashes and there are rollbacks. With just one server people can troll all they want and ninja whatever. The community isn’t the same. When EU goes to bed the server is pretty much dead. No bgs. Can’t find a dungeon run to save my life.

I want NA servers with the infrastructure blizzard can provide. I want to be able to raid on a normal American schedule.

You say you aren’t trolling but you refuse to see how bad your argument is. We are getting classic so your argument doesn’t even matter to begin with.

I can’t wait to play classic. I’d pay whatever they charged. I’d buy a whole other game if required.

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When will the mods start doing their jobs? No wonder why the smart people are going to the Reddit Classic where they actually delete these types of threads.


I don’t want this thread deleted. I have put a lot of time into it. But lets get back to the point. I’ve read that people on this forum believe official classic WoW will be better than what they can get for free because of its reliability, quality, and blizzard backing. What I want to point out is that there are private servers that provide the same thing except for the blizzard approval for free. Please explain the value of blizzard being the ones to create the thing you are all waiting for.

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Because it’s blizzard’s game? The one point you left out is maybe some people feel like pservers are theft or piracy or intellectual property infringement or whatever you want to call it. Is it possible that some people have a moral objection to pservers? Not stating my opinion one way or another, but isn’t it possible that some people think, if bliz made it they should be the ones to benefit from it?

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Which server does that? Which mythical pserver is just like blizz accept without blizz?

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There are a lot more people that will pay $15/month to play on Blizz Classic servers. There will be real GM’s and devs. I have zero interest in playing on a private server, but will 100% play Classic.
Why do you think private servers are shutting down? They know people will flock to Classic once it launches.

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None of your posts contribute to any discussion. You just run around telling everyone that you think their threads and posts are irrelevant… on top of throwing around inaccurate insults.


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This is the “Classic Vanilla” Forum…Not the “Butt Hurt Retail Players Classic Will Be Taking My Precious Retail Resources Thread Forum”…

If you want to complain to ActiBlizz send them an email. No need to clutter up this forum with retail whining.

You’re just salty just because ActiBlizz is even making Classic. If you don’t plan on playing it don’t post in the forum. No one here wants to hear your belly aching over classic.

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Irrelevant. People are asking about Classic, and this thread is specifically asking why people want Classic. He’s not questioning anyone’s desires, he’s genuinely asking why people feel the way they do.

You’re not a mod, stop trying (and failing) to be.

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There have been threads on this subject already, OP needs to learn to use the Search function.

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There have been threads on every topic. Are you gonna go whine in those duplicate threads too? And more info has been announced since other threads were made, and bringing back dead threads is frowned upon.