Why Do Disc Priests Die The Most?

Frankly I think feeling vindicated by such a video is a bad sign. Disc has its periods where it has to stand still to ramp, but that still doesn’t excuse dying to avoidable damage.

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Have the foresight to understand where you’re standing is already bad, or move backwards so the beams go either side of you since they fan outwards. I don’t care about this specific example, you dying to avoidable mechanics might be more likely because you’re a disc priest, but that’s no justification for repeatedly doing so.

Frankly if you die in a guild raid to something avoidable you just say ‘my bad’ and either move on or work something out to make it less likely to happen again. You don’t argue it’s not your fault or justify it by saying that ‘discs die more on progress’.


I think its clear that the smartest, most beautiful people are playing holy priest.

Nah I’m good.

This guy is incapable of doing that. Every time he died to something avoidable he blamed someone else, blamed it on being a disc priest, or just denied messing up the mechanic completely (even though he died to it :thinking:).

Then he would ramble on about something something moadmoad


I’m like 98% convinced disc priests die more is because they’re so focused on their ramp they just stand in stuff and die :DD

but we can move while ramping just by pressing power word shield. its after we hit SS that makes us immobile and even than you can hold penance to use that to move for 2 seconds if you know a mechanic is coming that may require movement.

Agree, but general practice for raiding as disc is less about your ability to move or not during your ramp, and more about abusing spirit shells duration to position your ramp when you wouldn’t have to move, or at worst would need to reposition during penance.

yeah i agree my response was to the dude above me.

Out of all the healers in our raid group… the Disc Priests die overwhelming the most. They die from not avoiding mechanics, not topping themselves off before big bursts of AOE damage, and/or not using defensives to survive.

As a Holy Priest I have way more ways to react to save myself and to mitigate incoming damage.

I mean the only thing holy has that’s extra is HW: serenity

Disc can def. penance, desperate prayer, pot, health stone, shadow mend, fade with conduit - basically anything a holy priest can do.

I think it’s more some disc players get hyper focused on their ramps and mana expenditure that they forget to utilize it

We have the same abilities, but every disc priest I played with still dies 25% of the pulls. I thought this was just them being bad, but the statistics just prove that Disc Priests die more than Resto Shamans / Holy Priests by a wide margin.

I think alot of ppl thought oh wow these priests doing the highest level content are doing it as disc, maybe I’m that good too. But no. No you are not.

Come to holy, we have sparkles for you :wink:

Assuming the primary reasons are because of not having that much reactive healing and not being mobile during their cooldown windows it would makes sense for Mistweavers to have a high death count.

The Yu’lon ramp is Essence font before you need Yu’lon -> Yu’lon -> Hard cast Env Mist 4 times -> Essence Font -> hard cast Env Mist 4 times. It’s a ton of time spent standing in one space. The essence font in the middle is kind of equivalent to Penance during SS.

They have high reactive healing but it’s not instant the way other classes have instant reactive healing. Mistweavers don’t have a single form of riptide, wog, holy shock, serenity, penance, swiftmend, or even a desperate prayer type cooldown. Which means positioning and avoiding avoidable damage as a mistweaver is extremely important so that you don’t die to the unavoidable damage.

Also inexperienced monks like to roll or torpedo for no reason and it gets them killed A LOT.

Not true. I did that and got removed, thank you very much. You are very selective about your arguments and ignore points that openly refute your point of view. It’s called confirmation bias. Look it up. I’m sorry if you disagree, but as most people in RL you and at least some in your guild, including your raid lead, are impatient. You want everything now. I would also look up attribution bias, if I were you. The concept will make you a better person and a better teacher.

I would bet Mistweavers die a lot because they can heal via fistweaving, which gets them into melee range. Consider that healers not only heal, they do damage as well–at least the good ones. This virtually doubles your workload, plus you have health bars to watch. And if you are a melee attacker, you also have more mechanics to deal with.

I mean there are literally a tons of variables for why some healers die less than others.
I don’t really understand the point of this post.

The % gap isn’t even that notorious to actually care about.

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You were not a math major in school were you? The whole point of the post is to try to get to the nitty gritty about why Disc priests die more than other healers. That is, to identify the causes! Why would you want to identify the causes of problems? If you have no idea, I am worried about you.

When you have so many factors that determine the results that difference the video shows it’s nothing.

This is actually a cry post trying to look for ppl to think disc priest is bad and need buffs.

Hey, think whatever you like. You will anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean if you’re just gonna blatantly lie, then OK. You’re right. I’m wrong.

Keep posting pathetic posts on the forum looking for affirmation because “Disc PriESTs diE mORE, I feeL vIndICaTeD”.


I’m not lying at all. On Heroic Sludgefist I legitimately messed up, admitted doing so and Flameth removed me (well, by saying please leave the group).

And disc priests do die more, and a lot more. You were not a math major either, were you?

Your memory is poor. You also have no compassion. You also have no understanding of biases or shortcuts everyone makes in their thinking, which can and often does get them into trouble.

Here is a little unsolicited advice, and coincidentally, a rule I live by. Surround yourself with people smarter than yourself–which also explains why I hit eject from your guild.