Why didn't every race get evoker?

I want to see how many other people have also thought about this too. The blood elf reskin just feels so out of place in the game already, but all the NPC dragons get to visage into whatever race they want. If they added evoker to every race it would’ve been in-line with blizzards goal of opening all classes to every race, which the dracthyr race completely spits in the face of. I would enjoy evoker so much more if I could visage into an orc or a dwarf like the NPCs can. I see lots of evokers in raid use the race change toy to change their race before fights. It’s just all very confusing to me, does anyone else feel the same?

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I mean technically the evokers are a very specific group of the dracthyr

But still, yea I’d like other options

Yeah, I find the visage options very off-putting myself, which is frustrating because I like the story concept they were trying to tell with them. But I think, horde-side at least, they feel incredibly out of place and ill-fitting.

I didn’t even bother customizing my visage; I disliked even having to use it to complete the end of their intro quest.


Because they made some specific lore for it so that no one else but the special snowflake lizard experiments could have it.

And I say this as a special snowflake lizard experiment.

Also, to make a funny:


Which the intro quest makes it more puzzling too, I remember someone explaining the visage form to you and saying something about how it’s how YOU want to be perceived and something about how ebyssian used it to blend in with the highmountain tribe and adopt their culture BUT apparently all dracthyrs want to look like a blood elf with a skin disease and have no desire to fit in with the horde or alliance.


Or worse, choosing to look more like an enemy race instead for the second body type option. It gave me the impression that visages for horde-side dracthyr are closer to “I don’t want to look like most of you”.


Dracthyr cannot visage into anything they want like Dragons do. Dracthyr have a specific visage form and there’s an NPC that remarks on it being special somehow.


It’s bothered me how the Dracthyr seem to still remain a much bigger concept as they asked our option for a visage form and the Sundred Flame have been using regular classes besides Evoker. :robot::question:

You’re remembering wrong. That was about dragon visages. In regards to Dracthyr, there’s some quest that says Dracthyr aren’t as good at/as accustomed to using the visage since they were locked away from other beings for most of their lives.

It’s all explained.

Gameplay Balance, maintaining gameplay balance is crucial for a multiplayer game like World of Warcraft. Introducing certain classes or specializations to every race could potentially create balance issues, as some races may have unique racial abilities that synergize better with specific classes or specs. Balancing classes across different races can be a complex task.

Also diversity and flavor. Limiting certain classes or specializations to specific races adds diversity and flavor to the game. It encourages players to choose races based on their preferences and playstyle. This diversity can contribute to a richer and more varied gaming experience.


Visage was a mistake. Locking the Evoker to Dracthyr was not.


When you visage in alliance side Wrathion notes how different it is because it barely hides your draconic mature at all. Scales showing, horns etc. It’s because they’re not real dragons. They’re Neltharian’s lab experiment gone wrong. Even Malygos agreed they were a mistake which is why he helped put them in stasis

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dracthyrs are dragons

Dracthyr for combat is fine, imho. Visage should have been every available race for your faction. The reverse druid.

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Would have preferred not having a visage at all. It would also help if dracthyr weren’t built like Jar-Jar Binks.

It also looks really dumb having to fly around on a dragon when you yourself are a dragonoid creature with wings sprouting out of your back.

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If I were to take a guess, it would be so if a person wanted to play one (or new class) they would have to buy the expansion. Unless the new playable race is open to people without the expansion, then I’d be wrong. To be honest I didn’t check. :man_shrugging:

I wanted to have a tauren visage form :frowning:

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It makes sense that something originating from a race that’s been dormant for thousands of years wouldn’t spred to other cultures right away. I think that it was a mistake to make Monks available to everyone in Mists. It took away one of the big reasons to play a Panda, and didn’t make a lot of sense from a story perspective.

I’d be down to see humans flapping their wings and flying in the air and breathing fire, not to mention shooting laser beams out of their mouths lol.

LOL! Imagine a Tauren doing some of the Evoker animations hahaha SUPA COW!

I wonder if the were worried they would be an underplayed race, like pandas, so they class-locked them forcing people to play them if they wanted to try the new class. :woman_shrugging: