Why did you merge Australian battlegroup with American?

We’re playing with 200+ ping in BGs now. This will make arenas unplayable.

Also, allow account to account transfers, something that was live in retail TBC since you’re adding a host of unwanted changes which weren’t even live.


tfw your world is literally flipped upside down


This is why, posted in another thread about the issue.

This third option seems like the most likely reason they did this. They didn’t want gladiator to be free on oceanic or something.

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My PVP times are already almost instant? There’s no way I’m playing with ~200 ping. The low ping was the only thing that appealed to me

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Because Blizzard is incompetent to the extreme.


I’m loving it. OCE was dead and this has revived it. If you’re losing matches because of a millisecond delay, latency isn’t your problem.

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one millisecond is 10ms. Just an FYI. We’re talking a good 1/4 of a second which is massive.


Found the dude paying substantial amounts of money for fiber internet. Most likely is also a booster. Reported.

This sucks man… fitting name, much cringe.

This dude is Andycloud/Kaivax isn’t he

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blizz has a vendetta against australia

Just dig a giant hole through the center of the planet. Gamers from Australia throw thier Ethernet cables down the hole and we catch them on the other side, plug them in, and your ping goes down by a couple of MS. I don’t see your complaint.


This, throw some vegemite down too while you are at it. Oh yeah, a few Sheila’s wouldn’t hurt either.


Oceanic Realms Broken - Merged with US Battlegroup (Lag) your answer was posted 6 hours ago. Whether you like it or not is another story.

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Nah, Cringenormie is just making up nonsense.

According to Wolfram Alpha, it takes light-in-fiber a minimum of 56 milliseconds to go from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California.

In real life, connections are going to be even worse because you just can’t run a fiber cable directly from an Australian home all the way to the U.S. servers no matter how much money you have.

We are going to be friends I can tell already. I know very few others that use that site as often as I do.

One time in eve my OCE crew was doing an alliance op with some US peeps.

They kept on calling one American Sheila. Because, well, he was acting like one. He was going why are you people doing that.

I had to be the one to tell them they were calling him a dog that was born the female of the species (lets make it high brow to avoid the word filter lol), in “australian”.

That was one of my side jobs in one corp. I translated US english and acronym to OCE ones. Since I am an american living abroad and rolled with OCE since forever.

New Yorkers can use some lingo the OCE peeps just won’t get lol. Hell I am from philly and was going damn…I don’t think tone dude in the alliance ever left NYC. Like ever…

PlAnNeD iT aLl AlOnG

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