Why did you kill off sub-60 battlegrounds?

I am genuinely curious why you thought this was a good idea? The leveling community in all brackets, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50-59 were all active and extremely fun. By splitting them in two groups there is simply not enough people queuing up to have active and thriving battlegrounds at these levels now.

With the introduction of AB queue times were already going to get worse, as when in one large battlegroup, it effectively split the playerbase into two BGs. This was known, and accepted, as we all wanted AB and WSG. But now, the community is split even further by halving again into east and west.

Just for example, now at off-peak hours, queue times will most likely be longer than an hour. It’s already having a noticeable effect. I have played 2 BGs since this change went live, both were 3-0 stomps with alliance AFKing GY the entire time because they were down 3, and 5 players each game respectively.

But if we were in one large battlegroup, it would have been a potentially fun, close games with full 10v10 on each side…literally within an hour after the patch the negative effects are already being witnessed, with AB release this will only magnify the effect and queue times.

Even right now as I type this, I am on horde east. 30-45 minute queue time. Speaking with Alliance on west coast in discord, they have been in queue for over an hour.

If we were all in the same one large battlegroup – we would be playing right now.

But instead – nobody plays and we all sit in queue.

The worst and most confusing part about this is it could have been entirely avoided if the devs just thought about it a little more, multiple suggestions were already posted including using static holiday times such as 12AM PST / 3AM EST, or server specific holiday rewards, etc. But splitting the community in two? It just feels like the cheapest, easiest way out for you guys without considering your playerbase.

Blizzard, please revert this change at least for the sub-60 players so we don’t have incredibly long queue times and we can keep our communities together.


What he said.

This change is a disaster through and through.


Totally agree as well.

It’s fine for level 60 I guess but not the lower levels. Just gonna make everything worse.

I don’t know how this got by them


Why would bliz kill twink brackets when it was a key component of classic wow…


This is why I came back to WoW to play twink brackets. Now I can’t get any games today, there’s literally 0 games east and west coast for 39’s and 49’s. This is unacceptable.


why ruin a key component of classic wow? bliz you really know how to ruin your own game


blizz has hit bottom. end game pvp is trash.
forget gearing an alt at 120 unless you are a stay at home nerd. retail Bgs while leveling takes 15 minutes a pop. now this. keep ruining your game and pissing on the players blizz. ggs I finally am unsubbing


Bump. I cant even q on my 35 hunter. I was enjoying games between leveling engineering. Now its 1 hour plus q times. This was a bad idea blizzard


/signed please revert this blizz, 1hr and counting for current queue with no games running.


I’m playing Classic specifically for lower level battlegrounds, and this change has effectively killed them. Battlegroups are fine at 60 where there are huge numbers of players, but in every other bracket we will struggle to get games, especially when people start to quit because of this change.

As much as I hate to be that guy, my subscription will be cancelled if this change is not reverted. I do not play retail, and I will no longer have a reason to play Classic without active low level battlegrounds.


@dev HIRE me!!! I could right the ship. I have so many ideas on how you are missing the mark and losing money.


Unsubbed my 5 accounts for this. Blizzard will never learn, this isn’t the first time they done this to the lower level brackets.

I thought with Classic they’d just leave it alone, but I was wrong. You got me again, you didn’t even make it half way through all of Classic before f’in it up (with an accelerated schedule none the less).


+1. This decision will lead to cancellation of a lot of subscriptions from passionate players. All for what? Some slightly better alignment on weekend hours ? Blizzard needs to revert the US west and us East battleground split.


I support this message.


this game i love is dying from stupidity


Rest in peace lower level pvp :frowning:


Still think I’m crazy for saying, from day 1 I might add, that the company formerly known as Blizzard is actively trying to kill Classic?


I support this post. Queue times are bad enough without these changes. Keep the community unites



Looks like titanic all over again. gg blizz i just unsubscribed


and people asked for no cross-realm BG… which would’ve tanked the non-60 population even further.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!